10 January 2011


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Issued at  5:00am on Monday the 10th of January 2011 by the Bureau of Meteorology, Brisbane.

Synoptic Situation:

At 4am EST, an upper level low was located over the southern Capricornia. A surface trough was located near the Fraser coast. Both of these systems are moving slowly west.

Heavy rain areas and thunderstorms are expected to continue through the Southeast Coast district, far southern parts of the Wide Bay and Burnett District and eastern parts of the Darling Downs and Granite Belt district. Heavy falls may lead to localised flash flooding and/or worsen existing river flooding.

Intense rain activity has been coming in from the East and Northeast, but has so far mostly skirted to the north of the city, there is more rain in this system potentially coming from the East which is more aligned to the catchment, effects of this are starting to be seen now. 
Expectation of in excess of 200 mm of rain within the next 24 hours, in Ipswich catchment area.

Heavy rain will relate to increased flows in all streams with particular concerns for smaller creeks such as Bundamba, Six Mile  and Woogaroo. 

As a result of the proposed increased releases from Wivenhoe, the prediction of the following level has been provided (peak expected Tuesday 11/1/01):

Mt Crosby Weir: 17m 

Colleges Crossing: 14.5m (Calculations for Colleges Xing based on previous relationships between Mt Crosby Weir, Colleges and Moggill indicate a  approximate predicted level)

Ipswich : 8m (backflow from Brisbane River)

Ipswich Catchment Update

Over the past 
2 hours we have received up to 5mm of rain in the catchment, predominantly in the eastern area, with only 1-2mm in the southern part of the catchment.  
Most of the streams (upper reaches of Bremer and all creeks) are falling, except for the Bremer from 3 Mile slowing) downstream and the Brisbane River.

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