23 January 2011

Flood Scare: Sharks spotted outside McDonald's store in Australian town of Goodna

It sounds unimaginable, but this
live video captures the intensity of the Australian floods.

Goodna was under 8 meters of water for two days before the flood waters receded. Two separate bull shark sightings were reported in Goodna.

The sharks swam past McDonald's, a Queensland Times story reported.

Goodna residents have vouched for the store owner who reported the first shark sighting. They believe his report and said the store owner would not lie about sharks.

Goodna is several kilometers away from the Brisbane river. Local fishermen usually hunt for bull sharks on the river's boat ramp.

Bull sharks are the third shark most likely to attack humans. They are aggressive and swim in shallow waters along coasts and rivers. reported earlier that flooding had unleashed crocodiles, snakes and other poisonous creatures. In Goodna, the flood waters have been contaminated with fuel that leaked from a broken underground storage tank at a gas station near a shopping mall.


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