29 January 2011

Amazing Goodna flood story: Frank Beaumont's chook Steggles survives against the odds

THERE are a million sad stories in this flood-hurt city. This is not one of them.

Frank Beaumont and his daughter Amanda with the
family chook, Steggles, which came home 11 days
after the flood hit Goodna.

THERE are a million sad stories in this flood-hurt city. This is not one of them.

Goodna animal-lover Amanda Beaumont contacted T he Queensland Times this week to tell the story of her pet chicken Steggles.

No ordinary chook, Amanda's fine-feathered friend had already survived two dog attacks and a stroke before the floods hit.

"I work as a vet nurse at the Goodna Vet Clinic, and four years ago one of our clients brought her in after a dog they were looking after came home with her in its mouth," Ms Beaumont said.

"They thought she would have to be put down, but being an animal lover I persuaded them to stitch her up. After about two weeks she came good.

"Eventually she made her home on the back stairs. She didn't want to stay in a chicken coop like a normal chicken.

"Then about 18 months ago one of the neighbours' dogs came over and bit her, and just before Christmas she had a stroke.

"She had trouble walking and her left wing was drooping. We had to hand-feed her and give her water with a dropper."

Steggles struggled through, not knowing what lay ahead.

On January 11, Ms Beaumont and her family had to evacuate their home. They got their cats, dogs, and birds out but the chickens got spooked and had to be left behind.

For four days the Beaumonts couldn't even see the roof of their home, but after the water subsided they went back to start the long clean-up.

With no sign of the chickens, they feared the worst. Until one day.

"We were down at the house when Steggles greeted us," Ms Beaumont said.

"After many tears, cuddles and lots of food she is now safely back with our family. God knows how she managed to find her way to safety and then back home. Unfortunately we found one in the backyard when we got back and one is still missing, but Steggles the wonder chook came home.

"Words can not describe how blessed we are to call her our own. She's definitely not a chicken; she's trapped in a chicken's body.

"We're staying in Redbank Plains at the moment and it's near a main road, so she has to stay in a cage, which she doesn't like, but we take her home every couple of days while we're cleaning up."

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