27 December 2010

Latest Ipswich flood situation

Over the last 96 hours, Ipswich catchments have received an average of 150mm, with a maximum of 199mm recorded at Mount Castle at the top of Bremer catchment.


Rain has continued across the catchment over the past three hours 10-20mm, but has lessened over the last hour to 1-2mm.

The Bureau of Meteorology current prediction is for a peak of approximately 10 at the Ipswich gauge late this evening.

Continued heavy rainfall is still forecast across the catchment overnight and again tomorrow. This will influence the levels dependent upon where and when the falls occur.

Western Creek -

• Grandchester 4.48m (R), .42m below bridge

• Kuss Rd 6.84m (F), .08m over bridge

• Spressers Br. 5.52 (S), .22m over bridge

• Rosewood WWTP 6.38m (S), .08m over bridge

Franklin Vale -

• Greys Plains Rd 3.19m (F), 1.0m over bridge

Bremer River -

• Adams Br 4.45m (R)

• Stokes Xing 4.35m (R), 3.49m above causeway

• Rosewood 5.16m (S), .46m over bridge (7 Mile)

• Walloon 7.00m (F), 1.88m over bridge (5 Mile)

• Three Mile 20.75m (F), 1.35m below bridge

• One Mile 14.95m (R), 2.02m  above old bridge, 2.25m below new bridge

• Brassall 11.1m (S), .6m over Sydney St, 2.7m below bridge 

• Ipswich 8.25m (R)

Warrill Creek -

• Kalbar 79.55m (R), 4.86m above weir

• Harrisville 5.3m (S), .2m below bridge

• Amberley 6.62m (R).

Purga Creek -

• Peak Xing 2.66m (R), 2.39m below bridge

• Loamside 6.05m (S)

Bundamba Creek-

• Ripley 1.55m (S) (51.47AHD)

• Harding 2.13m (R) (23.73m AHD)

• Blackstone 3.30m (R) (18.19m AHD)

• Bundamba School 14.23m (S), 2.10m below bridge

Woogaroo Creek-

• Upper Woogaroo .95m (R)

• Opossum 2.05m (R) (22.05m AHD)

Detention Basins -

• Marburg basin 2.10m (S)

• Rosewood basin .30m (F)

Brisbane River-

• Wivenhoe TW 29.55m (R)

• Savages 5.57m (R)

• Burtons 4.46m (R)

• Kholo 10.94m (S)  .96m below bridge 

• Mt Crosby 8.67m (S)

• Colleges Xing 5.71m (R) 2.15m above bridge ‪

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