31 December 2010

Ipswich forecast and planned Wivenhoe Dam releases and shutdown

There has been no significant rainfall since Wednesday 29 December 2010.

The current BOM forecast for SE QLD over the next few days is mostly fine with a few light showers, although there is a chance of storms on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

The catchments remain wet and are likely to generate additional runoff in the event of rain. 

Wivenhoe Dam releases were gradually increased during Wednesday and Thursday morning until the combined release and Lockyer flow reached about 1,600m3/s (140,000 ML/d) in the middle Brisbane River.

This is similar to the flows in the releases made in mid-October and earlier in December 2010.

This release will be maintained until late Friday 31 December 2010, when the shut down procedure will commence and gates are expected to be fully closed by Sunday 2 January 2010.  The proposed gate closure sequence will be such that the releases will mimic the natural pre-dam recessional flows.

At 5am on Friday 31 December 2010, the level had fallen slightly to 68.40m AHD and was releasing about 1,550m3/s (132,000ML/d) Impacts of Wivenhoe Dam releases

 Twin Bridges, Savages Crossing, Colleges Crossing, Burtons Bridge and Kholo Bridge are currently closed owing to inundation and will remain so until at least Sunday 2 January 2011. ‬

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