27 December 2010

Ipswich flooding update

A review of the catchments has highlighted that the initial peak has been reached at the David Trumpy bridge at 8.5m@ 18:23, well below the revised expectations of 11m. ‬
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‪This has now been confirmed by BOM, who believe that it will hover around this level overnight (maybe the next 9-12 hours) with falls and rises as the secondary flow from the Warrill, Western and Upper Bremer catchments move through the system.‬
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As such, the second peak should reach David Trumpy Bridge (CBD) by 5-6am tomorrow morning at levels no higher that of the first peak.‬
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‪Current BOM radar shows that the weather system has moved north earlier than originally predicted, which means the forecast for the rest of the week now looks a lot better.

‪Tuesday: Mostly Fine. Only a shower or two. Moderate S to SE winds. Min 21 max 25‬
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‪Wednesday: Shower or Two. Min 20 Max 25‬

Thursday: Shower or Two. Min 20 Max 27‬

‪Friday: Shower or two. Min 20 Max 28‬

‪Saturday: Mostly Fine. Min 18 Max 29‬

‪Sunday: Mostly Fine. Min 18 Max 30‬

Monday: Showers. Min 20 Max 31‬
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‪This will allow Ipswich catchments to fall to lower levels by the end of the week.‬
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‪In terms of the releases from Wivenhoe Dam, SEQ Water has commenced a program to increase the flow in the Brisbane River to a max of 1500m3/sec to allow dam levels to be reduced to below full supply capacity.

This means that Colleges Crossing will reach similar levels to that achieved early this month and will not reopen until late in the week.‬
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