29 October 2010

Village not good enough: MP slams Brisbane River Terraces management at Goodna

MEMBER for Bundamba Jo-Ann Miller has spoken out about the concerns of residents at a Goodna retirement village.

Mrs Miller was speaking in Parliament this week in support of the government's Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Amendment Bill.

She said elderly residents at Brisbane River Terraces had raised issues with her including rent, lighting and safety.

"For example, I am aware that some of the residents have agreements that are different and some pay different rents, which causes difficulties among residents," Mrs Miller said.

"I am also concerned about the deaths of some residents, the potential sale of their homes and the burden that that places on their families.

"Some families find it difficult to sell these homes and in the meantime they have to keep paying the rent and maintain the home, even though there is no use of water or power.

"I am also aware that the burden on these families can go on for years.

"In fact, a weekly rent of more than $120 can cause severe financial stress for the surviving relatives."

She said she had several meetings with residents and escorted Minister Peter Lawlor on a visit to Brisbane River Terraces.

"The residents are also very concerned about the lighting around the village. They tell me that the lighting is next to none and for elderly people that is dangerous," Mrs Miller said.

"I am also extremely concerned because the residents advised me that three residents have fallen on the badly maintained roads in the village and that one resident had to be hospitalised for eight weeks after a fall.

"The people who live at Brisbane River Terraces are really good people. They are the salt of the earth. I do not think it is hard for the owners or management to fix up some of these issues they are talking about."

Mr Lawlor agreed with Mrs Miller that "the people at Brisbane River Terraces certainly deserve a better performance from the managers than they are getting".

A spokesman for Shell Villages which owns Brisbane River Terraces said management was "aware of the residents' concerns and were attending to issues raised by the residents".

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