08 October 2010

Queensland Rail signs lease on Ipswich office

Minister for Transport
The Honourable Rachel Nolan

Queensland Rail is returning to its roots after negotiating a lease on
office space for its first corporate presence in Ipswich.

Transport Minister and Member for Ipswich Rachel Nolan said Ipswich,
the traditional home of rail in Queensland, was the perfect location
for a new Queensland Rail premise.

"Queensland Rail was born in Ipswich in 1865 when the first railway to
Grandchester was opened," Ms Nolan said.

"For 150 years, the city and the railway have had strong ties and this
new office cements the connection.

"Queensland Rail's new Ipswich office at 38 Limestone Street will
initially house around 30 operations staff but could accommodate up to
50 staff in the future.

"A range of operational roles will be based at the Ipswich office
including Human Resources, Customer Service, Strategy and Corporate
Services and legal services.

"This is part of the State Government's commitment to staged
decentralisation of government services, which will reduce pressure on
the Brisbane CBD.

"It's also an outcome of the State Government's growth management
summit earlier this year.

"Many Ipswich-based staff live nearby so the move will mean they can
live and work locally.

"Shorter travel time will mean staff can spend more time with their
families and generally enjoy better work-life balance.

"The building is also within easy walking distance of the train
station so staff can continue to catch public transport to and from
the office."

Queensland Rail has signed a lease on office space at The Limestone
Street Centre, which is owned by the Joint Venture formed and managed
by Trident Corporation.

Queensland Rail expects to begin operations at the Ipswich office by
December once the fit-out is complete.

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