25 October 2010

Police car badly damaged in crash at Collingwood Dr and Namatjira Dr at Collingwood Park

Police car that was damaged in an accident at
Collingwood Dr and Namatjira Dr, near Redbank Plaza.

A POLICE officer was injured and a police car severely damaged when the vehicle mounted a kerb and crashed at a set of traffic lights at Collingwood Park.

A witness on the scene said he saw the police car, which was travelling with its lights and siren on, just seconds before the crash at the intersection of Collingwood and Namatjira drives about 8.15pm.

"I saw the police car coming through full through lights and sirens," said the man who asked not to be named.

"I lost sight of him for just a second but he's actually swerved to miss an oncoming car that pulled out in front of him.

"Then he's gone up the gutter and straight in to the pole."

The witness said the police officer appeared winded and "bashed up" after the crash but was able to walk.

A police spokesman said the crash happened after the officer swerved to avoid another vehicle at the intersection.

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