09 October 2010

Leanne Holland Sequel: Police seek Goodna murder breakthrough

Andrew Korner | 9th October 2010

A POLICE officer will travel to the United States to use the latest
forensic technology in the search for answers as to who murdered
Leanne Holland.

The 19-year-old case was re-opened this year after judges overturned
the conviction of Graham Stafford, who served 15 years behind bars for
the crime.

Leanne was only 12 years old when she was found dead in bushland
beside Redbank Plains Road in 1991.

The decision to send an officer overseas follows the return of police
to the house where Leanne lived with her father Terry, sister Melissa
and Melissa's then boyfriend Mr Stafford at the time of the her death.

In July this year, forensic officers scoured the house at Alice
Street, Goodna, as part of what police called an open and transparent
review of the investigation.

Assistant commissioner Ross Barnett said police would conduct forensic
analysis of areas of the house that had already been examined in 1991
– to see if there was any evidence not captured during the original

"As you would appreciate, there have been significant improvements in
forensic science in the past 20 years – broadly in terms of DNA and
blood that we now have the ability to enhance samples in a crime
scene," Mr Barnett said.

Police were focussing on the bathroom area initially but it was
unclear what evidence was going to the US to be tested.

"As a part of the full review of the Leanne Holland's case, the QPS is
making use of new forensic technique.


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