13 September 2010

Police intervene over soccer brawl at Goodna

A GOODNA-based Division one football final between the Western Spirit
and Rocklea United has been marred by violence after a brawl started
among fans on the sidelines.

The football game was being played at the Western Spirit's home ground
at Kippen Park on Saturday night.

A police spokesman said while there had been reports of up to 50
people fighting, by the time the six police crews had arrived on the
scene things had settled down.

Western Spirit co-coach Nev O'Sullivan said from what he had seen
fighting had been contained to a "little bit of push and shove".

"I didn't see any punches thrown, it was more pushing and shoving and
rolling around on the grass," Mr O'Sullivan said.

He said at the end of the day passions had flared in the tight match.

"We have got a vocal crowd and there were insults back and forth," Mr
O'Sullivan said.

"It was just a bit of friendly banter." The game went into extra time,
with Rocklea eventually securing the match 2-1.

"It could have erupted even more if we had won," Mr O'Sullivan said.

"It was an acceptable result."

Western Spirit players remained on the field while calm was restored
late in the match after police were called.

"It was rather disappointing.

"There was no need for it all," one player said, claiming the
situation had eased by the end of the match.

"We all just waited on the field.

"We didn't want to get involved with it." No charges have been laid in
relation to the incident.

Rocklea United president Simon Mudnic said he was unclear what had
occurred on the night in regards to the brawl.

"It is very disappointing that it happened at all," Mr Mudnic told the
QT yesterday.

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