30 September 2010

Ipswich coffee some of the most-expensive in Australia with Gloria Jeans slugging consumers the most
Ipswich is coughing up for coffee
Zane Jackson | 30th September 2010

IPSWICH residents are paying more for their coffee compared to
Australia's major capital cities, but keen caffeine fiends can still
find a good brew at a decent price.

A survey by Brisbane-based coffee supply company Gilkatho revealed a
regular takeaway cappuccino is $3.06 in Sydney – cheaper than Brisbane
($3.31) and Melbourne ($3.22).

While the survey of more than 600 stores did not measure in cup size,
The Queensland Times surveyed six Ipswich cafes using 280ml (8oz) as
the standard size for comparison.

The survey found that most takeaway cappuccinos were above the
Brisbane average, with Gloria Jeans at Riverlink and Cactus Expresso
Bar the highest at $3.60.

Busy Beat Cafe was the cheapest at $3.20, while Deann's Coffee House,
Bon Laneway and Bambino Bean all had theirs at $3.50.

Adrian Berry, the hub manager of Busy Beat Cafe in Ipswich's CBD, said
several factors went into setting coffee prices, including supplies,
equipment, rent and wages. He said making prices as cheap as possible
while covering overheads was a challenge for cafes.

"Coffee is the drawcard for us here; once the coffee customers come in
we can plug our training rooms and the other services we have here,"
Mr Berry said.

"We tried to set a low price to attract those coffee lovers. The
coffee has to be good too because people will stick with cafes they
know serve good coffee."

Bambino Bean barista and owner Stephanie Sewell said she believes
Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane were cheaper for coffee because they
had more cafes.

"That makes it more competitive between each cafe," Mrs Sewell said.

A regular coffee at Bambino Bean is $4 but is bigger in size than most
cafes at 355ml (12oz) with two shots of espresso.

Gilkatho managing director Wayne Fowler said they found coffee prices
had gone up by an average of three per cent across all three capital

He said the rising cost of green coffee beans, rents and rising staff
wages all pushed up takeaway coffee prices.

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