14 September 2010

Illegal parking on the rise at Orion Town Centre Springfield Central

Another illegally parked vehicle at Orion Town Centre

Residents' complaints are falling on deaf ears over increasing illegal parking at Orion Town Centre at Springfield Central.

Cars are continuing to park haphazardly on Main Street in the heart of the centre.

Even though Main Street is a private road, it is subject to Queensland's Traffic Laws which are enforceable by the police, as Main Street is legally defined as a road.

Drivers are quick to point out the dangerous manoeuvre involved in illegally switching across 2 lanes to park on the wrong side of the road and then back to the opposite side upon departure.

This can startle pedestrians with vehicles illegally criss-crossing the road and can alarm drivers who see a car parked on the wrong side of the road and suddenly think they are in a one-way street.

Mirvac is the owner of the Orion shopping centre but is doing nothing to stop this illegal parking.

Maybe Mirvac Centre Management could be as quick to call the local police as their tenants are when some recalcitrant is caught shoplifting.

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