15 September 2010

Another dog attack in the Ipswich suburb of Leichhardt - 4th Ipswich attack in two weeks

An 11 year old boy has been attacked and injured by a dog in the Ipswich suburb of Leichhardt.  

The incident occurred at Sturt St Leichhardt. 

Ipswich City Council officers have attended the scene following the report of an injury to the upper leg sustained the boy.

The dog allegedly responsible escaped through the open gate of the property as its owner opened it to allow his car to enter.

The dog attacked and bit the child who was walking by.

This was witnessed by other children who were with him.

The injury sustained may have require stitches however this has not been confirmed.

The dog is a German Shepherd and is registered with Council.

The dog has been confined to the rear yard of the property.

Council investigations are continuing.

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