30 September 2010

Jacarandas bloom across Ipswich

Thursday 30/9/2010

IPSWICH has turned purple a month earlier than usual this year and Goodna's famous jacaranda trees are already blooming.

The 78-year-old jacarandas near the Goodna Aquatic Centre on Brisbane Terrace have just started flowering, which Councillor Paul Tully said was unusual.

"Traditionally, jacarandas bloom in November at a time when university students are inspired to study for their end of year exams," Cr Tully said.

The best floral display of the purple blooms is at the Evan Marginson Park at Woogaroo Street, Goodna opposite the Goodna RSL Services Club.

This weekend is looming as an excellent time to view the freshly bloomed jacarandas with fine conditions predicted.

After a week of showers, which saw seven millimetres of rain fall on Tuesday, sunshine and temperatures in the mid20's are expected for Saturday and Sunday.

Rain is expected today.

Ipswich coffee some of the most-expensive in Australia with Gloria Jeans slugging consumers the most
Ipswich is coughing up for coffee
Zane Jackson | 30th September 2010

IPSWICH residents are paying more for their coffee compared to
Australia's major capital cities, but keen caffeine fiends can still
find a good brew at a decent price.

A survey by Brisbane-based coffee supply company Gilkatho revealed a
regular takeaway cappuccino is $3.06 in Sydney – cheaper than Brisbane
($3.31) and Melbourne ($3.22).

While the survey of more than 600 stores did not measure in cup size,
The Queensland Times surveyed six Ipswich cafes using 280ml (8oz) as
the standard size for comparison.

The survey found that most takeaway cappuccinos were above the
Brisbane average, with Gloria Jeans at Riverlink and Cactus Expresso
Bar the highest at $3.60.

Busy Beat Cafe was the cheapest at $3.20, while Deann's Coffee House,
Bon Laneway and Bambino Bean all had theirs at $3.50.

Adrian Berry, the hub manager of Busy Beat Cafe in Ipswich's CBD, said
several factors went into setting coffee prices, including supplies,
equipment, rent and wages. He said making prices as cheap as possible
while covering overheads was a challenge for cafes.

"Coffee is the drawcard for us here; once the coffee customers come in
we can plug our training rooms and the other services we have here,"
Mr Berry said.

"We tried to set a low price to attract those coffee lovers. The
coffee has to be good too because people will stick with cafes they
know serve good coffee."

Bambino Bean barista and owner Stephanie Sewell said she believes
Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane were cheaper for coffee because they
had more cafes.

"That makes it more competitive between each cafe," Mrs Sewell said.

A regular coffee at Bambino Bean is $4 but is bigger in size than most
cafes at 355ml (12oz) with two shots of espresso.

Gilkatho managing director Wayne Fowler said they found coffee prices
had gone up by an average of three per cent across all three capital

He said the rising cost of green coffee beans, rents and rising staff
wages all pushed up takeaway coffee prices.

Ipswich moves out of statewide housing slump as growth continues in the western corridor
Zane Jackson | 30th September 2010

HOUSING approval numbers plummeted well below average in May and June
this year, but the figures are on the way back up according to a new

The Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) Queensland report,
released this week, says the global financial crisis hit the state
hard, with Ipswich bearing some of the pain.

Their Development and Construction Industry Report shows that only 102
houses were approved each month in May and June this year.

This was down on the 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 financial year averages
of 168 per month.

According to the report, house and unit approval numbers are at 1831
for the past 12 months – well below the South East Queensland Regional
Plan target for the Ipswich region of 4720 per year.

Ipswich Council Planning and Development Committee chairman Paul Tully
said the fluctuating housing approval numbers could be attributed to
the global financial crisis.

"After a period of downward trends and 'flat lining', trends in recent
months have been upward," Cr Tully said.

"This includes the preliminary figures for August which are showing an
increase back to pre-2008 levels of building activity in the city.

"Hopefully, the results in terms of building approvals for the past
few months are indicating that the local building and development
industry is emerging from the worst of the global financial crisis."

Cr Tully said future building activity in the western corridor over
the next 20 years would outstrip all existing building records as
Ipswich races to a population of 435,000 by 2031.

The UDIA report claims the development industry in Ipswich is the
fifth-largest generator of employment, accounting for 7.7 per cent of

For unit approvals, the Ipswich area is 23 per cent below the bench
mark of the monthly average in financial years 2006-07 to 2007-08.
Ipswich City ranks third out of the eight south-east Queensland areas

Ipswich to get four new hardware stores as Woolworths' Project Oxygen kicks off at Springfield Central
Chris Garry

IPSWICH'S DIY battle has intensified with Woolworths planning to build another two enormous home-improvement warehouses in the city.

These will add to its Springfield Central home-improvement store which begins construction next month and is scheduled for completion in July.

As part of its nationwide “Project Oxygen” plan to take on Bunnings, the other two Woolworths-owned stores will be built in the eastern and southern suburbs of Ipswich, within 15 kilometres of the CBD, in the next three years.

The news of the new Project Oxygen stores comes just a week after it was revealed that Bunnings is intending to build a two-storey centre in West Ipswich.

This means that by 2014 there will likely be five large hardware stores in Ipswich, a giant leap from the city's sole Bunnings in Booval.

Ipswich City Council's Planning and Development chairman Paul Tully said having five home-improvement warehouses within Ipswich would see people travel west from Brisbane to shop for the first time.

“This is a real boom for the city and it will see many people from Brisbane travel out here to shop for the day,” Cr Tully said.

“Since Riverlink was built we have halved the retail expenditure lost from Ipswich and this will help that figure immensely.

“Woolworths has advanced plans for another two stores within several kilometres of the CBD and we are just waiting for an application from them.”

A Woolworths' spokeswoman refused to reveal the company's plans for Ipswich.

“We want to have stores in growth areas and Ipswich is certainly that but we also want to keep an air of excitement about the stores so we are keeping things under wraps,” the spokeswoman said.

Bunnings also has a similar position on its prospective West Ipswich store, refusing to comment on the proposed centre.

Woolworths' spokeswoman did state that Project Oxygen was making fast progress at Springfield Central.

“The store is full steam ahead and we expect to begin construction in the next few weeks,” she said.

“It will provide 130 jobs to the local community.”

Project Oxygen stores are alleged to be in the Ikea mould, with customers able to buy entire kitchens and lounge sets as well as general home wares and tools.

Bunnings Booval customers welcomed the competition another four hardware stores would bring.

“I think its great news,” Raceview's Brett Fuller said.

29 September 2010

Springfield gym extension approved by Ipswich City Council

 Media Release

Gym extension approved by council

A 24-HOUR gym at the Orion Springfield Central shopping precinct has
received council approval to expand its facilities.

Planning and Development Committee Chairperson Councillor Paul Tully
said the company planned to extend into the neighbouring vacant
commercial space.

"At present, the Temple Health and Fitness Centre has 230m2 of floor
space and developing the neighbouring lot would give them a further
106m2 of floor space.

"This 24-hour gym already provides healthy options to local residents
and extra space potentially means there is adequate room for more
equipment or classes.

"Clients also can use Orion Springfield Central's 2,000 free car
parking spaces, which offers more convenience and safety for all who
attend the health facility," Cr Tully said.

Division 1 Councillor David Morrison said the expansion would not only
benefit the business but local residents.

"Springfield Central is a suburb that already promotes healthy living
and having a 24-hour gym with more to offer, means that more members
of the community can improve their fitness."

Goodna's famous Jacarandas are blooming early in 2010

PIC: The Jacaranda trees are
flowering early at Goodna

Goodna's famous Jacaranda trees are blooming early for the 2010 Jacaranda Festival.

The original trees on Brisbane Terrace were planted by work gangs during the Great Depression in 1932.

The 78 year old Jacarandas near the Goodna Aquatic Centre on Brisbane Terrace have just started flowering.

But the best floral display of the purple blooms is at the Evan Marginson Park at Woogaroo St Goodna opposite the Goodna RSL Services Club.

Local Councillor Paul Tully said it was unusual for the Jacarandas to bloom in September.

"Traditionally, Jacarandas bloom in November at a time when university students are inspired to study for their end of year exams."

Cr Tully said the September flowering was a good sign for the Jacaranda Festival at the end of October.

He said the Jacarandas along Woogaroo St Goodna were floodlit at night which provided a spectacular display of purple and green lighting effects.

25 September 2010

Springfield Central: Extra space for gym will benefit residents

A 24-HOUR gym at the Orion Springfield Central shopping precinct has received council
approval to expand its facilities.

Planning and Development Committee chairman Paul Tully said the company planned to extend into the neighbouring vacant commercial space.

"At present, the Temple Health and Fitness Centre has 230sq m of floor space and developing the
neighbouring lot would give them a further 106sq m of floor space," Cr Tully said.

"This 24-hour gym already
provides healthy options to residents and extra space potentially means there is room for more equipment or classes."

Division 1 Councillor David Morrison said the expansion would benefit the business and residents.

Consumer News: Aldi Stores in baby thermometer recall

Media Release

Queensland Minister for Tourism and Fair Trading

The Honourable Peter Lawlor MP

Unsafe thermometer pacifier recalled

Parents are being urged to check their children's pacifiers following a nationwide recall.

The Minister for Fair Trading Peter Lawlor said the Wisdom Brands Digital Pacifier Thermometer had been recalled because of fears the teat could become separated.

"If the product is used as a soother, teat separation could present a choking hazard.

"Although we are not aware of any incidents, I'm urging parents who have bought this product to stop using it and return it immediately to the supplier for a full refund," he said.

The Wisdom Brands Digital Pacifier Thermometer was sold through all Aldi stores from June to the end of July 2010.

The product should be returned to Wisdom Brands, for more information consumers can call -

1300 055 676 or email -

Mr Lawlor said Queensland enforced strict product safety standards for pacifiers and the product was found during an Office of Fair Trading spot check.

"The product was test ed in accordance with the mandatory safety standards and as a result, the pacifiers failed this test.

"Aldi and Wisdom brands were notified and the product was removed from sale," he said.

For more information about baby safety, visit or call -

13 QGOV - 13 74 68

23 September 2010

New Dog Attack: Sixth dog attack in Ipswich in the past month

‪There has been another dog attack which has caused serious injury to another dog. ‬
‪ ‬
‪It occurred at Eyre Street Leichhardt.
‪ ‬
‪Police have been contacted over the incident.

A dog was attacked by a number of other dogs in a yard this morning.  ‬
‪ ‬
‪Both the police and Ipswich City Council officers are in attendance.  ‬
‪ ‬
‪The injured dog has been transported for veterinary attention however it is in a serious condition. 
‪ ‬
‪A number of dogs has been seized and impounded. 

19 September 2010

New Ipswich dog attack

Another serious dog attack has occurred in Ipswich.

It happened on Saturday evening when an elderly person and his dog were attacked at Melrose Drive Flinders View.

The victim was walking his dog on the footpath in Melrose Drive with a friend.  

As they walked past a house, the offending dogs ran from rear yard through an open gate.  

One dog knocked him over and bit him on the buttock whilst he was on the footpath.  

The other dog attacked the victim's dog causing punctures and lacerations.
The victim picked up his dog and held it away from the attacking dogs and continued to fight them off until the owner came from house and called them off.

The victim has taken his dog to the vet for treatment to wounds and then attended a doctor in relation to his own injuries. 

The dogs are Mastiff Cross types and both are registered.

The dogs had allegedly escaped through the driveway gate that was accidentally left open.

An inspection of the fencing showed the dogs could not have escaped the property unless the gate was open.

The dogs are confined to the property.

Ipswich City Council is considering possible legal action against the offending owner.

15 September 2010

Sad news: Merv Cavell passes away

Former teacher, musician, political activist and raconteur from the Ipswich suburb of Blackstone has passed away.

Another dog attack in the Ipswich suburb of Leichhardt - 4th Ipswich attack in two weeks

An 11 year old boy has been attacked and injured by a dog in the Ipswich suburb of Leichhardt.  

The incident occurred at Sturt St Leichhardt. 

Ipswich City Council officers have attended the scene following the report of an injury to the upper leg sustained the boy.

The dog allegedly responsible escaped through the open gate of the property as its owner opened it to allow his car to enter.

The dog attacked and bit the child who was walking by.

This was witnessed by other children who were with him.

The injury sustained may have require stitches however this has not been confirmed.

The dog is a German Shepherd and is registered with Council.

The dog has been confined to the rear yard of the property.

Council investigations are continuing.

14 September 2010

Illegal parking on the rise at Orion Town Centre Springfield Central

Another illegally parked vehicle at Orion Town Centre

Residents' complaints are falling on deaf ears over increasing illegal parking at Orion Town Centre at Springfield Central.

Cars are continuing to park haphazardly on Main Street in the heart of the centre.

Even though Main Street is a private road, it is subject to Queensland's Traffic Laws which are enforceable by the police, as Main Street is legally defined as a road.

Drivers are quick to point out the dangerous manoeuvre involved in illegally switching across 2 lanes to park on the wrong side of the road and then back to the opposite side upon departure.

This can startle pedestrians with vehicles illegally criss-crossing the road and can alarm drivers who see a car parked on the wrong side of the road and suddenly think they are in a one-way street.

Mirvac is the owner of the Orion shopping centre but is doing nothing to stop this illegal parking.

Maybe Mirvac Centre Management could be as quick to call the local police as their tenants are when some recalcitrant is caught shoplifting.

Brothers up in thrilling duel as Goodna signs off for 2010

 BROTHERS have booked a grand final meeting with Swifts but they couldn't have cut it any finer.

Brothers forward Beau Yates gets some attention
from Goodna's Andy Piutau.

BROTHERS have booked a grand final meeting with Swifts but they couldn't have cut it any finer.

Brothers beat Goodna 26-24 in the preliminary final at the North Ipswich Reserve yesterday after leading 26-12 with 15 minutes to go.

At that point many Goodna fans had begun leaving the ground, certain the game was over.

However Goodna, inspired by Andrew Walker and Frank Matiu – who crossed for two converted tries in quick succession – set up a thrilling finish.

In the final seconds Goodna was on the attack and centre Max Seumanatafa looked almost certain to score but the final pass went astray and the Eagles' season was over.

Brothers had started the match in perfect fashion when Goodna made a hash of the kick-off and, from the scrum, centre Shane Gibson strolled through a huge gap to score.

Goodna hit back through Corey Kirk to give the Eagles a 6-4 lead, but Brothers had the better of the first half, largely due to Goodna's lack of discipline.

The Eagles repeatedly gave away penalties early in the Brothers tackle count for play-the-ball infringements.

The lead changed twice with a try apiece before Brothers scored just before the break to lead 14-12.

Goodna captain Craig Wehrman voiced his displeasure and was sin-binned for 10 minutes.

Goodna began the second half with renewed focus and went close through Alastair Tauaa and Seumanatafa but it was Brothers half-back Jason Connors who seemed to have sealed the deal for his team.

With 16 minutes remaining Connors darted down the blind side and quick hands from Gibson put Ross Sauer clear to score.

Five minutes later Connors put Fili Notoa through for a 14 point lead that looked to have secured them the win, before Goodna's late comeback ended in vain.

Brothers coach Heath McQueen was fuming after the match, claiming his team were again the target of head high tackles.

"We had nine penalties for head high tackles and no-one gets sent off," he said.

He was much happier with his team's performance.

"They've got an ex-international (in Andrew Walker)," he said.

"But he hadn't played us in finals before."

McQueen admitted to some nervous moments before his team got home.

"I was very worried," he said.

"I'm not one of those coaches that stays calm.

"I can't just sit there. I was up and down pacing."

Westfalen Community gardens at Collingwood park spring into action

PROMOTING healthy living, eating and community spirit, the annual Westfalen Community Garden's annual Harvest Fair was held on Sunday.

Brad Kingma, Norman Kaden and Liam Williams
from the Caribbean Trading Company Group at
Westfalen Community Garden on Sunday.

PROMOTING healthy living, eating and community spirit, the annual Westfalen Community Garden's annual Harvest Fair was held on Sunday.

Based at Collingwood Park, the gardens feature an array of fruit and vegetables grown by using modern and traditional horticultural practices.

State Member for Bundamba Jo-Ann Miller said it was amazing to see how far the gardens had come in the past five years since they had been given the initial seed funding of $250,000.

"Produce is given to Meals on Wheels and Anglican Welfare."

Westfalen publicity officer Gillian Lynn said the fair had also presented the committee with the opportunity to recognise volunteers who had given their time to the garden such as Lorelle Murphy, William Bell, John Knot, Ben Buttler, Kieoni Mercer and Brett Madders.

Mrs Lynn said in the case of 26-year-old Brett, the Collingwood Park resident worked in the garden a couple of times a week.

"He is just willing to give anything a go," she said.

Mrs Lynn said the community garden meant different things to different people.

"It is a place of peace, tranquillity and sanctuary," she said. "People can learn or just socialise.

"It is also a safe place for people with a disability.

Fire ant fight takes to the air in Ipswich

HELICOPTERS will drop fire ant baits in more than 20 suburbs during the next two weeks to protect Ipswich from further outbreaks of the imported pest.

The Biosecurity Queensland aerial baiting activity will start today and comes after "dense" colonies were found in Marburg, Purga and Rosewood this year.

Biosecurity Queensland Control Centre director Neil O'Brien said red ant infestations had not been found in all the suburbs to be baited but said it was a precautionary measure.

Mr O'Brien said the chopper would fly over Ipswich homes but only high-risk areas of the suburbs will be targeted by the drop – not the whole suburb or over houses.

"One helicopter is involved in the aerial baiting, with a number of biosecurity officers supporting the aerial treatment with on ground activities such as liaising with residents and also spreading bait on foot and by all-terrain- vehicles," he said. "We only treat properties where the resident has consented to the baiting."

He said recent wet weather – which gives the ants their ideal breeding environment – was the reason behind the increase in colonies being discovered.

"The increase in detections during 2009-10 is partly a result of south-east Queensland having the wettest summer since the eradication program commenced," he said. The bait is granular and made of corn with an active ingredient that is an insect growth regulator. It stops the ants from breeding but will have no affect on people, other animals, birds or people. Call Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23 or visit

Targeted suburbs: Blacksoil, Brassall, Tivoli, Karalee, Riverview, Bundamba, Redbank Plains, Ebbw Vale, Blackstone, New Chum, Brookwater, Springfield Lakes, Augustine Heights, Swanbank, Ripley, Deebing Heights, Yamanto, One Mile, Leichhardt, Wulkuraka, and Amberley.

13 September 2010

Breaking News: Serious Dog Attack at Springfield

A young girl has been the subject of a serious dog attack at Springfield late this afternoon.
‪The victim is a 5 year old girl who was visiting Ipswich with her family.

Police, ambulance and council officers are at the scene.

The family returned home and a group of children reportedly ran through the house to the rear yard. 

The victim was the first child through. 

An older girl said she heard a scream and saw the dog over the girl and as the girl raised her arm it bit her on the upper arm. 

The initial bite appears to have been to her face as she apparently has a significant injury which has torn through her lip. 

She has been taken to hospital by ambulance with her mother.‬
‪ ‬
The dog is kept at Peachface Crescent, Springfield and is reportedly not registered. 

It is described as a Bull Mastiff Amstaff Cross.‬
‪ ‬
Ipswich Council officers are currently seizing the dog.

Ipswich police warning over online car scam

Go to:

Police intervene over soccer brawl at Goodna

A GOODNA-based Division one football final between the Western Spirit
and Rocklea United has been marred by violence after a brawl started
among fans on the sidelines.

The football game was being played at the Western Spirit's home ground
at Kippen Park on Saturday night.

A police spokesman said while there had been reports of up to 50
people fighting, by the time the six police crews had arrived on the
scene things had settled down.

Western Spirit co-coach Nev O'Sullivan said from what he had seen
fighting had been contained to a "little bit of push and shove".

"I didn't see any punches thrown, it was more pushing and shoving and
rolling around on the grass," Mr O'Sullivan said.

He said at the end of the day passions had flared in the tight match.

"We have got a vocal crowd and there were insults back and forth," Mr
O'Sullivan said.

"It was just a bit of friendly banter." The game went into extra time,
with Rocklea eventually securing the match 2-1.

"It could have erupted even more if we had won," Mr O'Sullivan said.

"It was an acceptable result."

Western Spirit players remained on the field while calm was restored
late in the match after police were called.

"It was rather disappointing.

"There was no need for it all," one player said, claiming the
situation had eased by the end of the match.

"We all just waited on the field.

"We didn't want to get involved with it." No charges have been laid in
relation to the incident.

Rocklea United president Simon Mudnic said he was unclear what had
occurred on the night in regards to the brawl.

"It is very disappointing that it happened at all," Mr Mudnic told the
QT yesterday.

12 September 2010

Police arrest Goodna and Ipswich Rugby League players on drug charges

A rugby league coach, trainer and players are among those charged with
drug offences in southeast Queensland.

Former Australian schoolboys and NRL player Anthony "Chook" Fowler,
currently coach of the Goodna and District Rugby League Football Club,
Goodna trainer Anthony Kerslake and Goodna player Matthew Smith are
among those facing charges as a result of Operation Ice Nightfall
which targeted amphetamine and cocaine trafficking.

One player at each of the Ipswich Rugby League's Norths and Brothers
clubs were also arrested and charged.

Goodna club president Gary Parker confirmed that Fowler, Kerslake and
Smith had been stood down.

"The whole three have been stood down from their commitments at the
club - they haven't been suspended or anything - pending what comes
out of their trials," Mr Parker said.

Goodna are due to meet Brothers on Sunday for the right to play Swifts
in the local league grand final.

Queensland Rugby League board member and chairman of the league in
southeast Queensland, Peter Betros, confirmed the charges and standing
down of the accused men.

"It's a society problem," Mr Betros said.

"We don't believe it involves rugby league in this case."

Mr Betros said rugby league had the best drug testing regime of any
code and was determined to rub drugs out of the game.

Mr Betros told AAP the league was "totally shocked" by the charges.

The clubs had acted to stand the players down and had not been
instructed to do so by the QRL, he said.

Queensland police said Operation Ice Nightfall began in April and
focused on an alleged network of drug traffickers operating out of
southeast Queensland.

Thirty search warrants were acted on in Brisbane's southern suburbs,
Ipswich, Gold Coast/Tweed Heads and Maroochydore areas.

Five people were charged in Brisbane's south, 11 on the Gold Coast and
12 in the Ipswich area.

Detective Superintendent John Pointing of the State Drug Investigation
Unit said the closure of the operation was the result of a commitment
to disrupt distribution networks.

"This has been a significant operation," he said.

"It has been a targeted operation focusing on the supply and
distribution of dangerous drugs by organised syndicates into major
metropolitan areas."

Further arrests are expected, police said.

Goodna's new Ipswich Motorway pedestrian overpass nears completion

The new pedestrian overpass across the Ipswich Motorway at the Goodna Railway Station is nearing completion.

The new structure has a lift on the town centre side of the Motorway.

With the Goodna to Dinmore stretch of the Ipswich Motorway due for completion in 2012, the early opening of this new pedestrian link in the next month or so will be appreciated by local residents.

11 September 2010

Goodna Rugby Union Juniors Presentation Day

The Juniors vs Mums Tug-of-War at the Evan Marginson Park at Goodna today.

The kids won.

What a great day after a great season.

Congratulations to all of the parents, players, coaches and other club officials.

Goodna and Redbank Plains are hotspots for vehicle theft as police help with Operation Bounce Back
Car thieves pick Holdens

IF YOU own an older model Holden Commodore watch out – it's the vehicle of choice for Ipswich car thieves.

All car owners are being reminded to keep their set of wheels secure with hundreds of vehicles reported stolen in the Ipswich area last year.

Police are taking a fresh approach to a campaign urging car owners to prevent vehicle theft with the relaunch of Operation Bounce Back in Ipswich Police District this month.

The joint initiative between the Ipswich District Crime Prevention Unit, Ipswich City Council and the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (NMVTRC) is for good reason – statistics released by the NMVTRC show 441 vehicle thefts were reported in the Ipswich police district in 2009.

Goodna is still the hotspot for car theft, with 56 incidents reported, ahead of Redbank Plains with 48 incidents, Collingwood Park on 23 and Bellbird Park and Camira on 17 each.

Ipswich car thieves are still targeting the Holden Commodore, with 37 of the make, ranging in aged from 1989 to 1996, stolen last year.

Local mechanic Andrew Knudsen is all too aware of how vulnerable his beloved VL Commodore is to thieves.

The Riverview resident made his own engine immobiliser to protect his car.

"I know VLs are probably the easiest to steal – you can get in with almost any sort of key," he said.

Officer in charge of the Ipswich District Crime Prevention Unit, Sergeant Nadine Webster, said the focus of this year's operation was to remind people that having their car stolen would dent more than just the hip pocket.

"It's not just the cost – it's the inconvenience," Sgt Webster said.

Sgt Webster said a high percentage of vehicle thefts and instances of property being taken from vehicles could be prevented if people would simply remember to lock their doors.

"The operation will assist eligible residents by providing a number of free car engine immobilisers with installation," Sgt Webster said.

"People who have had a vehicle stolen, or owners of registered vehicles that are considered to be at high risk of being stolen in the Ipswich Police District may be eligible."

Operation Bounce Back will run throughout September and is funded by NMVTRC, which supports local government initiatives promoting theft reduction messages.

For more information contact Sgt Nadine Webster at Yamanto Police Complex on 3817 1351. 

Bounce Back

Police will appear at the following places for Operation Bounce Back:

Booval Fair Shopping Centre, September 15 from 9.30am-3.30pm

St Ives Shopping Centre, September 21 from 9.30am-3.30pm

Redbank Plains Shopping Centre, September 28 from 9.30am-3.30pm

09 September 2010

Woolworths back pedals on environment commitments

Consumer Watch Media Release

- Woolworths slammed after trolley coin lock removal starts in Ipswich -

Australian supermarket giant Woolworths with over 700 stores across the nation is under fire for phasing out its coin-operated shopping trolleys.

The scheme was introduced voluntarily in 2009 as an environmental initiative to minimise theft and reduce abandoned trolleys in local parks and waterways.

In Queensland, it was extended to more than a dozen Woolworths stores across Greater Brisbane.

A one or two dollar coin is required to free a trolley which is automatically refunded to the shopper when the trolley is returned.

At the 2009 Local Government Conference in Bundaberg, councils from across Queensland voted to enforce coin operated trolleys for major supermarket chains.

Councils subsequently reported a massive reduction in abandoned trolleys in parks and creeks after Woolworths joined Aldi in the coin-operated scheme.

Yesterday without warning, the coin mechanisms were removed from 150 trolleys at the Woolworths store in the Ipswich suburb of Brassall under the direction of new store manager Steve Gothard.

Queensland Consumer Watch spokesman Ipswich Councillor Paul Tully said Mr Gothard had undergone a radical change of heart on shopping trolleys since his days as store manager at Woolworths' Buranda.

On 20 May 2009, in front of television cameras and Brisbane's Lord Mayor Campbell Newman, Mr Gothard proudly commented on abandoned trolleys: "This causes not only environmental issues but safety issues too with trolleys sometimes left in the middle of streets. Although we have many systems in place to retrieve abandoned trolleys the situation was such that we have consulted the community and coin locks were seen as good way forward to reduce the number dumped."

Cr Tully said Steve Gothard appeared to be no longer worried about environmental or safety issues after arriving in Ipswich a few weeks ago.

Cr Tully slammed Woolworths for its "un-Australian, anti-environment" decision which he said would lead to increased visual pollution, clogged waterways and more runaway trolleys in shopping centre carparks.

"You rarely see an abandoned Aldi trolley because if the shopper doesn't return the trolley the local kids soon will, to boost their pocket money."

Cr Tully called for shoppers to boycott Woolworths until it abandoned its latest "environmental insanity".

"Woolworths obviously cares more about profits than protecting the Australian environment."

Cr Tully said Woolworths were in for a major shock in Ipswich with plans already underway to amend the city's local laws to force all major supermarkets to have coin-operated locks on their shopping trolleys.

"They will have to put the coin locks back on their trolleys.

"The corporate knuckle heads running Woolworths stand condemned for their decision to phase-out coin-operated trolleys which have significantly reduced abandoned trolleys across the suburbs."

Cr Tully said he had been tipped off the Woolworths Collingwood Park store at the corner of Eagle St and Collingwood Drive would also soon have its 100 trolley coin locks removed followed by other stores.

"Woolworths have acted with more secrecy on this issue than a criminal trial in Communist China," Cr Tully said.

03 September 2010

Jacaranda 2000 Toastmasters celebrate 10 years at Goodna tonight

Congratulations to the Jacaranda 2000 Toastmasters who celebrated 10 years of service to the eastern suburbs of Ipswich.

Jacaranda 2000 was the inspiration of the late Mike Noble.

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02 September 2010

8yo Goodna boy mauled by Police dog this morning

Does anyone know where this incident occurred? Email:

Queensland Police Media reports:

Incident involving police dog


An eight-year-old boy was taken to the Mater Children's Hospital this morning after he was bitten by a police dog.

The incident happened about 7am during the execution of a search warrant at a Goodna residence.

Initial investigations indicate the boy returned home during the search, and wandered into a room being searched by the police dog.

The child screamed and was bitten on the upper leg before the dog could be restrained.

Police immediately commenced first aid and contacted the Queensland Ambulance Service to transport the boy to the Mater Children's Hospital, where he is presently receiving treatment.

The QPS Ethical Standards Command is overviewing the incident.

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