18 August 2010

Ipswich footbridge named after local resident and famous Australian who designed the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Brisbane's Story Bridge

Mayor Paul Pisasale (front) and Councillor Paul Tully
on the newly named Bradfield Bridge.
FROM unsteady beginnings, the Riverlink pedestrian bridge now has a name that carries the historical weight of Ipswich's proud past.
The much publicised and long-delayed bridge from Riverlink shopping centre to Ipswich City Square will be called Bradfield Bridge.
Ipswich City Council yesterday voted to honour former Ipswich resident John Bradfield who, if he did nothing else, would be forever famous for designing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and helping design Brisbane's Story Bridge.
He also helped design and plan the University of Queensland, engineered Sydney's electric railway system and was associated with engineering works including the Cataract Dam near Sydney.
Planning and Development Committee chairman Paul Tully said the new bridge in Ipswich was the first in Bradfield's name.
"It's a proud day we can recognise his achievements and his connection with the city," Cr Tully said.
From his Sydney home, Dr Bradfield's grandson Peter Bradfield was thrilled to hear of his grandfather's honour.
"I think he'd be delighted he's been so kindly remembered. He was a proud Ipswich boy," Mr Bradfield said. "His place in Sydney was full of Queensland plants and a stained-glass window from the family home in Ipswich.
"In 2008 I went to Ipswich and Andrew Antoniolli showed me around grandfather's junior school at North Ipswich where there was a lot of artefacts about the bridge and him.
"I've been asked to come up with my wife for the opening. We were going to be away at that time but I'm sure we can make it."
Councillor Antoniolli, who went to the same primary school as Dr Bradfield, supported the bridge being named after him.
"It was a long time coming but I think it's the right one," Cr Antoniolli said. "I'm very pleased with the outcome."
Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale said the official opening was expected to be in the first half of October.
"It's going to be a big day for celebration. There will be a community celebration and joint retail promotion on both sides of the river," he said.
"The Bradfield Bridge will quickly become a vital part of the city's infrastructure. This is a historic moment for the city. There's no other walking bridge like this in Australia."

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