08 July 2010

Goodna: Semi-trailer jammed in underpass below Ipswich Motorway

A semi-trailer is jammed under a notorious underpass below the Ipswich Motorway at Goodna.

The semi-trailer was attempting to negotiate the 3.8 metre high Layard Street underpass when it became completely wedged.

Main Roads officers are trying to work out to move the vehicle without causing damage to the overpass which carries five lanes of Ipswich Motorway traffic.

Local councillor Paul Tully is at the scene of the accident and said peak hour traffic would be thrown in chaos around the Goodna town centre.

"Another semi-trailer came to grief at this same location in May.

"Truck drivers are not getting the message despite height restriction warnings signs near the underpass.

"The police need to throw the book at these cowboys who should not be on the road if they can't read basic warning signs," Cr Tully said.

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