18 May 2010

Police happy with decline in crash tallies on Ipswich Motorway

Police happy with decline in crash tallies

Dan Stiller

OXLEY: Police are pleased with a reduction in the number of traffic accidents on south-western roads during the past few months.

Sen-Sgt Steven Peck, of Oxley Traffic Branch, said 406 accidents leading to injury had been recorded this year, down from 486 crashes for the same period in 2009.

Last year, there were 150 fewer accidents than in 2008.

Sgt Peck described the figures as ``astounding''.

He said police enforcement from Moorooka to Gailes had helped but he feared the figure would rise on the Ipswich Motorway's new section from Goodna to Darra.

``I hope we're proven wrong,'' he said.

``But we had a five-car nose-to-tail before the Harcourt Rd overpass (last week).

``They've opened up a brand new piece of highway, 5km long, which has a bottleneck at either end.

``One of the concerns is people travelling inbound to Brisbane will be travelling at 90km/h and approaching cars that are moving very slowly or have stopped.''

Sgt Peck said roadworks along the motorways had slowed the accident count, but speed enforcement had also helped.

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