27 May 2010

Ipswich Motorway mine holes filled in

MINE holes in the path of the $1.95 billion Ipswich Motorway upgrade will be filled six months ahead of schedule.
But Main Roads could not say how expensive the mammoth infilling operation had been.

As previously reported in The Queensland Times, the original estimated cost of the Ipswich Motorway Dinmore-to-Goodna upgrade jumped from $1.1 billion in 2007 to $1.9 billion in 2009.

Main Roads attributed the rise in costs to a larger-than-expected number of abandoned mines found on land earmarked for the upgrade, along with an increase in construction.

A spokesman yesterday said the infilling operation, which employed 42 specialist workers, was a fraction of the $800 million jump in price.

Mango Murphy, the project director for the Origin Alliance group formed by Main Roads to construct the six lane upgrade, said the budget would not blow out again.

"Works on the Ipswich Motorway Dinmore-to-Goodna project are progressing well and I am pleased with the results to date," he said.

"There are three mines in Goodna and Redbank where localised treatments have taken place: the Goodna Mine, the New Redbank Mine and the Westfalen Number 3 Mine.

"Mine drilling and filling activities commenced in July, 2009, and are expected to be completed in mid-2010, subject to weather and construction conditions."

The mine-filling works were undertaken as a precautionary measure to minimise the risk of any subsidence of structures or roads during the life of the motorway.

Mr Murphy said the abandoned mine shifts that had been filled would provide adequate road stability.

A massive concrete mixer was built on site to produce the crusher dust, fly ash and cement filling.

The upgrade includes the widening of the Ipswich Motorway to a minimum of six lanes and construction of new service roads to improve local access.

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