25 May 2010

Council adopts new vegetation management controls for Ipswich

Media Release

Council adopts new vegetation management controls for Ipswich

24 May 2010

CHANGES to the Ipswich Planning Scheme affecting vegetation management
will be implemented from June 28.

Ipswich City Council Planning and Development Committee Chairperson
Councillor Paul Tully said council had today adopted these planning
scheme amendments allowing them to take effect.

Cr Tully said the amendments to council's vegetation clearing controls
included more detailed provisions for clearing land.

"These changes provide clearer guidelines for land owners about what
clearing activities are permissible under the Ipswich Planning Scheme
and reinforce the dim view council takes of any incidents where
uncontrolled clearing occurs," he said.

Cr Tully said the vegetation clearing controls were designed to
protect the amenity of the community and the local environment.

He said the Ipswich Planning Scheme contained controls on vegetation
management and clearing within the City of Ipswich.

"These controls aim to assist in the retention of native vegetation."

"Clearing activities in rural production areas will not be affected by
the proposed amendments.

Cr Tully said the protection and promotion of the local environment
delivered numerous benefits to the community.

"These benefits include the retention of the visual character and
amenity of the city, shade provisions, an increase in property and
aesthetic values and the screening of major transport infrastructure
and unsightly land uses."

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