18 April 2010

Jacaranda trees thrive around Wivenhoe Dam, Brisbane and downtown Goodna

PIC: Cormorant Bay, Wivenhoe Dam -
a magnificent jacaranda specimen

Despite being labelled by some as a weed, jacaranda trees continue to thrive around the Brisbane and Ipswich region.

Brisbane City Council plants jacarandas as part of their street tree planting program.

Ipswich City Council encourages them around Goodna where the annual Jacaranda Festival in late October/ early November provides one of the most-picturesque landscapes in Australia with tourists and visitors flocking to see the jacarandas in full bloom.

Goodna's famous jacarandas were planted by work gangs during the Great Depression.

SEQ Water is now proudly cultivating a big, healthy specimen at Cormorant Bay at Wivenhoe Dam, just north of Ipswich.

So what's the anti-jacaranda fuss all about - are jacarandas really all that bad for the environment or are the fears about these magnificent purple-bloomed trees well-founded?

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