30 April 2010

Ipswich dog owners face fines as Springfield woman fined $1600 for dog attack

IPSWICH City Council has warned that dog owners who let their pets stray and bite people or other animals will face heavy fines.

Two cases heard in Ipswich Magistrates Court recently highlighted the consequences dog owners face if their unconfined pets attack.

On April 19, a Springfield woman whose German shepherd inflicted severe wounds on a Jack Russell was fined $1600.

Magistrate Donna MacCallum heard the German shepherd was in the front yard of a Scenic Crescent house in July, 2009, when the occupant's Jack Russell ran out at it.

The larger dog took the Jack Russell in its mouth and ran off, inflicting wounds that resulted in the little terrier having to be put down.

In addition to the $1600 fine, the owner was ordered to pay court costs of $73.80.

A Karalee man was hit with a $2000 fine after his rottweilers attacked an English pointer, a dalmatian and their owner as they walked along the street on November 23 last year.

The court heard two of the man's rottweilers ran through an open gate and on to Diamantina Circle, where they bit a man on the leg and set upon his two pets.

The dalmatian and the English pointer required antibiotics and pain relief, with one of the dogs also needing stitches.

The owner of the rottweillers also paid a $314 veterinary bill on behalf of the victims' owner.

Ipswich City Council Health and Regulation Committee chairman Andrew Antoniolli said the majority of dog-bite cases dealt with by council could be put down to the owner's momentary lapse in attention.

"More often than not it's a case where, for whatever reason, the owner forgets to pay attention to what their dog is doing," Cr Antoniolli said.

RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty said it was the pet owner's responsibility to ensure their dogs did not attack.

If you or your pet is attacked by a dog you should contact council on 3810 6666.

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