14 April 2010

FLASH: Anna Bligh to consider daylight saving for southeast Queensland - LNP in a jam on the Gold Coast

Channel 9 News reports:

Anna Bligh uses Twitter to announce she's considering daylight saving in South East Qld.

COMMENT: Congratulations to Premier Anna Bligh.

This is great news for the majority of residents in southeast Queensland.

Broken Hill in New South Wales is on South Australian time, causing no
problems for them and the rest of the State.  A split time zone in SE
Queensland would be strongly supported by 70% or more of residents in
SE corner.  At the same time, residents in the rest of Queensland
would not be forced to adopt daylight saving time.

Daylight saving would have environmental, social and commercial benefits
for all of southeast Queensland.  The annual debacle at the Coolangatta/Tweed
Heads border would disappear overnight and we might see lives sports coverage
on television again - such as the Australian Tennis Open on Channel 7.

.If Anna Bligh sees this through, it will break the LNP and could prove to be
a political master stroke.

If the Liberal trendies of the LNP on the Gold Coast are forced by their Party to
oppose daylight saving in southeast Queensland, it will expose the LNP as nothing
but a marriage sham with the Nationals still in charge, standing over their so-called
partner with a rolling pin - ready to knock them into submission.

But the smartest thing behind Anna's Bligh's announcement is that the LNP Leader
John Paul-Langbroek, a trendy true-blue Liberal from the Gold Coast, will be caught
between a nutcracker and a guillotine if he opposes Anna Bligh's push for daylight saving.

If any Gold Coast politician opposes the plan, let alone the LNP Leader, the LNP
would suffer not only on the Gold Coast at the 2012 election but across Brisbane
as well, with the LNP being perceived as nothing but a rural dominated party with
no concern for the people of southeast Queensland.

Brilliant, Anna - brilliant!

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