23 April 2010


Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability

The Honourable Kate Jones



Queensland car washes are partnering the State Government in setting new industry standards in efficient water use, Climate Change and Sustainability Minister Kate Jones said today.

Ms Jones said the Australian Car Wash Association was joining a new State Government sustainability program to help its members on saving water and other resources.

Ms Jones visited Hoppy's Handwash Café at Norman Park to see how sustainable business is also good business.

"Every year, up to 900 million litres, or 360 Olympic-sized swimming pools, of contaminated waste water flows into Brisbane's stormwater systems from home car washing," Ms Jones said.

"I believe it's incumbent on professional car wash companies to make sure this contamination is not occurring in their industry.

"That's why I congratulate the Australian Car Wash Association for joining DERM's new ClimateSmart Business Associations Program - an extension of our highly successful Ecobiz program.

"DERM will work with ACWA to develop a sustainability program they can deliver to car wash businesses for smarter energy, water and waste management.

"In this modern age, where every drop, every kilowatt and every kilo of waste counts, sustainable business practice has never been more important.

"Queensland businesses are operating in an environment with increasing resource costs, and a greater awareness of how our activities affect the environment around us.

"Hoppy's uses a closed-loop system, harvesting rainwater and recycling water that is used in the car washing process - reusing potentially harmful waste instead of polluting our waterways.

"Stormwater drains run into rivers, estuaries and bays, endangering surrounding wildlife and ecosystems, and contaminating water supplies.

"Choosing a sustainable car wash facility, or washing your car on the grass and not on the driveway, can help prevent run-off into the stormwater drains and help keep our rivers, streams and beaches healthy."

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