30 December 2009

5:00am rubbish pickup on New Year's Day

For residents of Ipswich's eastern suburbs whose normal pickup day is Friday, remember that because New Year's Day is a public holiday, collections start at 5:00am and not the usual 6:00am.

Play safe - leave your bin out on Thursday night.


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Emergency beacon sparks alert at Goodna

This story appears in today's edition of the Northern Star daily newspaper at Lismore:

Emergency beacon found in Qld tip

Dominic Feain

30 December 2009

AN ACTIVE emergency beacon dumped at a rubbish tip sent Northern NSW and South-East Queensland emergency services scrambling earlier this month, fearing an aircraft had crashed.

Lismore's Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter crew eventually found the beacon buried at a tip at Goodna, between Brisbane and Ipswich, after two CareFlight aircraft failed to locate the signal before being diverted to other jobs.

Mission pilot Marty Hanna said the distress signal was probably picked up originally by commercial jetliners and relayed through to the Australian Search and Rescue (AusSAR) rescue co-ordination centre in Canberra via Air Traffic Control in Brisbane.

"Once we got the call from AusSAR, we launched with two paramedics, prepared for the worst," he said.

"Initially we had trouble finding the signal and had to go up as high as 6000 feet to pick it up.

"By then we were almost as far north as Amberley and had to stop to refuel at Archerfield."

Thirty minutes later the crew located the signal at the Goodna tip.

"It took another three or four trips to locate as it was an old unit with a weak signal," Mr Hanna said.

Relieved it wasn't a crash site, the crew notified AusSAR, confirming the location of the tip and set about retrieving the beacon.

"AusSAR needed us to retrieve the unit to prevent more false alarms," he said.

"We landed and used our hand-held homer to pinpoint the beacon.

"It was buried in there pretty deep and had probably been activated by the tip's earthmoving equipment."

Crew member Mark Sewell and paramedic Michael Smith got stuck in determined not to return empty-handed.

"Michael and Mark rummaged through the rubbish for an hour before they finally found it. Just before we were called back to base," Mr Hanna said.

"They are pretty committed guys. I wasn't going in there.

"They had re-tasked us to another job and just as we were getting ready to launch Michael got it. He heard it clicking."

Mr Hanna reminded anyone disposing of emergency beacons to properly deactivate them first to avoid a false alarm.


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17 December 2009

Vandals smash 19 tombstones at historic Goodna Cemetery

PIC: Vandalised statue of an angel erected in 1922

Vandals have damaged 19 tombstones at Goodna's historic, 150-year old cemetery in Stuart Street Goodna, causing an estimated $100,000 damage overnight.

Police are investigating the incident.

One of the damaged graves dates back more than 110 years.

The Goodna Cemetery was established by the New South Wales government in 1859 before Queensland became a separate colony.

Local Councillor and Cemetery Trustee Paul Tully described the vandalism as "a senseless destruction of family graves".

"Whoever is responsible should face the full consequences of the law for this appalling desecration," Cr Tully said.


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13 December 2009

Irish Gypsies back in Queensland with old consumer ripoff

The Irish Gypsies are back ripping off individuals and businesses with their well-practised bitumen scam.

They have targeted Ipswich in the past and were last reported on Brisbane's southside.

Ipswich residents - particularly those in the eastern suburbs - should be on the lookout for these swindlers.

Last time, one businessman at Lower Cross Street Goodna was swindled out of thousands of dollars over a dodgy bitumen job.

The Irish Gypsies laid white sand over the top of their sub-standard work, telling the small business owner the sand was needed to "cure" the bitumen.

Only when the sand washed away a few days later, did the extent of the wafer thin coating of bitumen become obvious.

The Minister for Tourism and Fair Trading has issued the following warning against these dodgy characters:

Minister for Tourism and Fair Trading

The Honourable Peter Lawlor


Dodgy bitumen trader alert for Brisbane southside area

Fair Trading Minister Peter Lawlor today warned residents around Eight Mile Plains and Acacia Ridge to beware of dodgy bitumen traders targeting the area.

Mr Lawlor said the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) had received information of residents being approached by a group of men offering to lay hot mix driveways.

"The group consists of a male with a strong Irish accent and four or five males who are the labourers," Mr Lawlor said.

"They have approached people saying they have left over bitumen from their last job.

"They do the driveway job and give a price on completion. The work is sub-standard and cash is usually always demanded."

Mr Lawlor said one Acacia Ridge resident who agreed to the work was sprung with a $5,000 bill.

"No upfront quote was given so the resident was alarmed at the cost and also intimidated by the group of men, who demanded their money," he said.

"Another resident in Eight Mile Plains paid $9,000."

Mr Lawlor said anyone approached by the men should try and get their vehicle registration details and advise the OFT immediately on 13 13 04.

He said these particular traders had been previously spotted in the Bayside area and that they may be operating in surrounding suburbs or regions now.

Under the Fair Trading Act 1989, door-to-door sales of any goods or service of more than $75 must come with a 10 day cooling off period and payment cannot be made until after then.

Buyers should get two forms - one explaining the cooling off period and one which can be used to cancel the contract if so desired.

"Door-to-door traders must produce an identity card with the dealer's full name and address," Mr Lawlor said.

"They are only allowed to contact customers between 9am and 6pm from Monday to Friday, and 9am and 5pm on Saturdays.

"Fines of up to $54,000 apply to individuals and $270,000 to companies for breaches of the Fair Trading Act."

Report any scams or suspicious offers to the Office of Fair Trading at or call 13 13 04


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04 December 2009

Drive to name southwest rise Dingo Hill


3 December 2009

by Belinda Berry

CAMPAIGNER: Cr Paul Tully on a 10-year mission.

Ipswich residents can have their say on a proposal to officially name a hill in Gailes and Camira, Dingo Hill.

This follows a 10-year mission by Ipswich City Councillor Paul Tully (Division 2) to reinstate the name Dingo Hill, which was previously the name given to the Gailes area.

“In 1925, the small railway siding of Dingo Hill, 22km west of Brisbane was renamed Gailes after the famous golf course in Scotland,” Cr Tully said.

“The area had been discovered in 1823 by the explorer John Oxley who came up the Brisbane River on his famous voyage of discovery, stopping at Woogaroo Creek.

His diary recorded he walked two or three miles to the south east to survey the surrounding countryside from what is Old Logan Rd at Gailes.

“Oxley reportedly saw a dingo in bushland, which ultimately led to the naming of the suburb.”

In the latest naming proposal, the suburb of Gailes will remain unchanged.

The actual hill on which it stands will be officially named Dingo Hill. A copy of the proposal is also available at http://www.derm.qld. and browse to Public Notices.

Submissions can be sent to the Regional Services Director, South East Region, Department of Environment and Resource Management, PO Box 573, Nambour, Qld 4560.

William Street on-ramp opens early at Goodna

The Department of Main Roads has advised that the William St Goodna on ramp work has proceeded very well enabling the ramp to be opened this afternoon onto the Ipswich Motorway.

This is the short section of William St between McDonald's and Centrelink which from this afternoon becomes a permanent two-way link.

This will enable drivers heading from Goodna to Ipswich or Toowoomba to use William St to get onto the Ipswich Motorway.

Congratulations to the Origin Alliance workers for being ahead of schedule.

30 November 2009

Australia's newest Woolworths store opens at Collingwood Park

PIC: Collingwood Park State School students entertain the public at today's official opening with Bumbles the Balloonatic in the foreground.

Australia's newest Woolworths store opened this morning at Collingwood Drive at Collingwood Park in the City of Ipswich.

This is a fantastic, environmentally-friendly store which will be a real boon for the people of Ipswich's eastern suburbs.


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29 November 2009

Ipswich / Logan Motorway interchange opens

The Minister for Main Roads Craig Wallace opens the new interchange at Gailes today on top of the new Henry Ellerton Bridge named after the former Medical Superintendent of the Goodna Asylum.


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28 November 2009

Scout celebration at Goodna

The Goodna Scouts celebrate 40 years at Church Street Goodna 1969 - 2009.

27 November 2009

REDBANK: The Community Christmas Carols kick off at Redbank State School tonight

The Community Christmas Carols kick off at Redbank State School tonight sponsored by Queensland Rail in support of the Redbank State School and Redbank Ambulance.


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24 November 2009

St Augustine's Christmas Carols

St Augustine's Early and Junior Years Christmas Carols kick off at Augustine Heights this evening.

A tremendous performance by all involved.


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21 November 2009

Free trees at Brisbane River Terraces

Residents at Brisbane River Terraces at Brisbane Terrace Goodna collect their 8 frees this morning from the Ipswich City Council.

The trees are a very popular annual ritual organised by local Councillor Paul Tully.


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18 November 2009

LEICHHARDT: Toongarra Road collapses

Toongarra Road at Leichhardt is closed outbound owing to subsidence of the road surface. 

A hole in the road has appeared which is approximately 1 metre deep and 3 metres square. 

Ipswich City Works and Water crews are on site. 

Traffic diversions are now in place via Kynance Street. 


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01 November 2009

Hot air balloons off course over Goodna and Redbank

Three hot air ballons gave the residents of Goodna and Redbank a surprise this morning with a low-level flight over the suburbs.

They were from "Balloons over Brisbane" but this morning they became balloons over Ipswich.

One balloon almost touched down near the Ipswich Motorway at Redbank before coming close to houses at Bridge Street Redbank, eventually crossing the Brisbane River and landing safely at Moggill.

The other two balloons landed in perfect condition near the Railway Workshops at Redbank.

PIC: The off-course hot air balloon over
Brisbane Terrace Goodna this morning.

24 October 2009

New floodlights make Goodna's famous Jacarandas sparkle

The Jacaranda trees along Woogaroo Street Goodna -opposite the Goodna RSL - will be permanently floodlit.

The trees are predominantly illuminated with purple lights to match the Jacaranda blooms with a sprinkling of green uplights to provide a contrast between the two colours.

The trees which stretch along Woogaroo Street from George Street to Layard Street wil be floodlit every night from dusk to midnight.

They were officially switched on at the start of the Jacaranda Festival.

Local Councillor Paul Tully said the lights would be a landmark for Ipswich's eastern suburbs.


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Jacaranda Bowls Carnival at Goodna

A great day comes to an end at the Goodna Bowls Club with the Jacaranda
trees in full bloom along Brisbane Terrace.


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23 October 2009

Ipswich Motorway Upgrade: Wacol to Darra traffic update‬ from DMR

The Department of Transport and Main Roads is currently undertaking works to upgrade the Ipswich Motorway between Wacol and Darra.
This upgrade is progressing well and to allow further progress and to provide a safe driving environment for motorists, the following traffic changes are required:

 •          18 - 30 October 2009 - the section of the Ipswich Motorway that passes under the Centenary Highway will be closed in both directions for night works between 8pm and 4am from 18-30 October (excluding Friday and Saturday nights).

The ramp to the northern suburbs/Jindalee and the ramp to Springfield, Forest Lake and Richlands from the Ipswich Motorway westbound will also be closed during this period.

 •          29 October 2009 – the off-ramp from the Ipswich Motorway eastbound to the Gailes Rail Station passenger drop-off point will be permanently closed. 

•          30 October to 2 November 2009 - the ramps from the Ipswich Motorway westbound to the Centenary Highway north and southbound will be closed from 8pm Friday 30 October to 4am Monday 2 November 2009.
This includes the ramp to the Centenary Highway northbound (towards the northern suburbs, Jindalee or Mount Ommaney) and the ramp to the Centenary Highway southbound (towards Springfield, Forest Lake and Richlands). 

•          1 - 13 November 2009 - the Sumners road off-ramp will be closed nightly between 8pm and 4am from Sunday 1 November to Friday 13 November 2009 (excluding Friday and Saturday nights)

 •          8 - 13 November 2009 - the Sumners road on-ramp will be closed nightly between 8pm and 4am from Sunday 8 November to Friday 13 November 2009.  

•          10 November 2009 - the Akenside Street off-ramp at Wacol will be relocated to its former position (to the west of the current location).

Further communications around this change will be distributed in early November.


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Riverview roadworks this weekend

Message from Department of Main Roads: Night works from 8pm-4am on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 October 2009 on Ipswich Motorway at Riverview for pedestrian bridge removal and demolition.

Expect delays.

Call 1800465682 for more information.


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19 October 2009

Bellbird Park traffic signals being fined tuned

New traffic signals at the corner of Jones Road and Augusta Parkway are now operating.

They are currently on a fixed time phase pending the activation of the below-surface loop detectors which will ensure that the red and green signal timings are adjusted to meet actual traffic conditions.

The contractor will finalise this as part of the completion of the roadworks.


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New access onto Ipswich Motorway at Goodna is under construction

Work is proceeding on a new access onto the Ipswich Motorway at Goodna.

The one-way section of William Street, between Centrelink and McDonald's, is being converted to two-way operation.

This should reduce some of the traffic using the Goodna roundabout.

It is being funded as part of the Ipswich Motorway upgrade project from Goodna to Dinmore.

Traffic signals are also being installed at the corner of William Street and Smiths Road as part of a separate National Blackspot funding project.


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13 October 2009

GOODNA: Rain and strong winds have just hit Goodna

PIC: Queen St Goodna

Severe thunderstorm warning just issued for SEQ

Bureau of Meteorology

Queensland Regional Office




Issued at 3:10 pm Tuesday, 13 October 2009.

The Bureau of Meteorology warns that, at 3:15 pm, severe thunderstorms were detected on weather radar near the area northwest of Toowoomba, Albany Creek, Enoggera, the area south of Helidon and Mulgowie.

These thunderstorms are moving towards the east to southeast. They are forecast to affect Toowoomba, Cleveland and Strathpine by 3:45 pm and Ipswich, Beaudesert, Laidley and Gatton by 4:15 pm.

Damaging winds, very heavy rainfall, flash flooding and large hailstones are likely.

Emergency Management Queensland advises that people should:

* Move your car under cover or away from trees.

* Secure loose outdoor items.

* Avoid driving, walking or riding through flood waters.

* Seek shelter, preferably indoors and never under trees.

* Avoid using the telephone during a thunderstorm.

* Beware of fallen trees and powerlines.

* For emergency assistance contact the SES on 132 500.

The next warning is due to be issued by 4:10 pm.



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11 October 2009

GOODNA: Police move in on bikies at the Royal Mail Hotel

PIC: Police intercept bikies at Goodna

If this is what police are doing BEFORE the anti-bikie legislation becomes law in Queensland, perhaps we really do need a Federal Bill of Rights.


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09 October 2009

Redbank crane driver hands himself in to police and is facing workplace health and safety charges and possible traffic charges

The crane driver at the centre of a police hunt has handed himself in.

He had been confronted with worldwide publicity of his terrifying ride down Brisbane Road Redbank on Wednesday night when his crane ripped out electrical wires and Pay TV cables as well as splitting an electricity pole in two outside the Commercial Hotel.

The driver disappeared towards Goodna quicker than the pub patrons could say: "Let's have another beer".

Now, Workplace Health and Safety Officials are investigating the matter and the Goodna Police are also considering laying charges.

Local residents are asking if this driver is still working for the Origin Alliance Project and if and when he will be stood down for his death-defying antics in the main street of Redbank.

Good questions indeed!


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07 October 2009

Police hunt for crane driver who fled the scene of an accident at Redbank overnight

Police are searching for the driver of a mobile crane who fled the scene after bringing down electricity wires and pay TV cables outside a Redbank hotel overnight.

Dozens of startled patrons at the Commercial hotel in Brisbane Road Redbank watched in amazement as the crane ripped out the cables almost causing a power pole to crash to the road before driving off towards Goodna.

Live wires fell across the road and footpath.

The incident was captured on Ipswich City Council Safe City security cameras which showed a pedestrian crossing the road moments before the jib of the crane knocked the wires to the ground.

Local Ipswich Councillor Paul Tully attended the scene last night describing it as a potential disaster with sheer luck ensuring no one was electrocuted.

"What sort of idiot would deliberately drive off and leave live electricity wires on the ground across a very busy footpath.

"The police should throw the book at this guy who disappeared into the darkness towards Goodna."

Locals say the crane has been seen working on the Ipswich Motorway upgrade at Redbank.

If you recognise the mobile crane involved in this incident, call the Goodna Police on (07) 3436 2999 or CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000.

URGENT - Media Alert: Crane brings down wires at Redbank - Police trying to locate driver

Traffic in the Ipswich suburb of Redbank is at a standstill after a crane brought down power lines and pay television cables.
An electricity pole is leaning dangerously outside the Commercial Hotel on Brisbane Road.

The accident occurred about just over 30 minutes ago.

Residents reported a mobile crane believed to be working on the Ipswich Motorway upgrade had jagged the overhead lines bringing them to the ground.

The crane drove on without stopping.

Police have blocked the road and traffic is being diverted through Brisbane Terrace at Goodna.

Energex arrived at 7.30pm.

Local Ipswich Councillor Paul Tully said the council's Safe City security cameras were being checked to identify the offending vehicle.

"What sort of driver would leave the scene with live power cables across the road.

"Someone could have been killed.

"The police should throw the book at the driver if they can locate him," Cr Tully said.


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Who is this Wild Man of Spring Mountain?

Rosewood is famous for the Ghost of Pahlke's Pub and the recent supposed Alien Invasion reported in The Queensland Times, but have a look at this latest image from the eastern part of Ipswich.

This is a picture of the Wild Man of Spring Mountain, supposedly living in a cave on top of the mountain, just 5km southwest of the Orion Shopping Centre at Springfield Central.

Can anyone shed light on this mystery Hermit of the Mountains?

04 October 2009

Ipswich City Council set to declare extended koala protection areas

PIC: More koala protection for Ipswich

(Courtesy BTQ 7)

Ipswich City Council is preparing new maps to extend koala protection areas across the city, including existing zones as well as significant adjacent areas identified for koala food tree planting.

Several investigation areas have been identified to further examine additional areas for possible protection.

This is on top of Ipswich's "one-for-one" replacement policy adopted in 2007 which requires all developers to replace trees removed during the development process, whether or not they are koala-friendly trees.

Ipswich is Queensland's most koala friendly city.


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Queensland Government to help natural disaster victims through Goodna and Leichhardt Centres

The Queensland Government has announced it will help victims of the Samoan and Tongan tsunami and the Indonesian earthquake.

The Goodna Neighbourhood House at 33 Queen Street Goodna and the Leichhardt Community Group at Leichhardt will be used to co-ordinate the service to Ipswich residents.

This is a full copy of the Minister's Media Release:

Minister for Disability Services and Multicultural Affairs

The Honourable Annastacia Palaszczuk


Neighbourhood Centres to assist disaster affected communities

The Bligh Government will set up dedicated Neighbourhood Centres throughout southeast Queensland to assist those affected by the recent natural disasters in the Pacific region.

Multicultural Affairs Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk said the centres were part of the Bligh Government's comprehensive response to the South Pacific tsunami (Samoa and Tonga) and earthquake in the Indonesian Archipelago.

"The Premier has asked me to lead a whole-of-government response to assist the South Pacific and Indonesian communities here in Queensland which have been affected by the events over the past few days," she said.

"We need to help these communities get back on their feet, and that's what these neighbourhood centres are all about.

"They'll be up and running early this week, providing counselling and basic support services to people caught up in these tragedies.

"We're linking local Samoan and Indonesian communities in with these neighbourhood centres.

"The Premier and I have met with community leaders and we've received a lot of feedback that they need financial support to help their families, friends and communities.

"As a result Premier Bligh has activated the Premier's Disaster Relief Fund, and I encourage everyone to contribute what they can to help out our Pacific neighbours.

"We'll also ensure that ongoing support and counselling services are available to state school students."

Ms Palaszczuk said the Neighbourhood Centres would be a central point of information for local Samoan, Tongan and Indonesian communities in Queensland.

"The centres will link with translator services for those who don't speak English and we have already distributed information to community leaders in the respective home languages," she said.

"With the help of Multicultural Affairs Queensland our plans have taken into account cultural differences including language and religious beliefs."

Ms Palaszczuk said she would host regular meetings with leaders from the affected communities from this week.

"These meetings are about helping individuals and communities move their lives forward after these disastrous events," she said.

"Queenslanders are generous and giving people, and I'm asking everyone to dig deep and get behind these communities in their time of need."

Ms Palaszczuk said the initial neighbourhood centres would be set up from Monday at:

·Multilink Community Services, Woodridge

·Kingston East Neighbourhood Group, Kingston

·Multilink Community Services, Logan Central

·Goodna Neighbourhood House, Goodna

·Leichhardt Community Group, Leichhardt

·Deception Bay Neighbourhood Centre, Deception Bay

·Caboolture Neighbourhood Centre, Caboolture

·Inala Community House, Inala

·Elorac Place, Carole Park

·Acacia Ridge and Districts Community Centre, Acacia Ridge

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has established a national hotline for Australian citizens in the affected area.

Ph: 1800 002 214.

Queensland residents seeking translation or counselling services or support due to their families being in the affected areas can also call 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) for assistance.

To make a donation to the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal visit or phone 1800 021 884.


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30 September 2009

Channel 9 annoys and deceives viewers across Australia

Channel 9 advertised all night a special 10.00pm Late News edition on today's devastating Samoan tsunami.

With Samoans, Tongans and other Pacific Islanders around Australia waiting on news of their loved ones, what did Channel 9 do?

It allowed the idiotic escapades of PluckA Duck and other clueless imbeciles to run over by a disgraceful 25 minutes.

This is an appalling gaffe by Channel 9 which has lost the goodwill of thousands of Australian viewers with relatives in the South Pacific.

These people deserve a massive apology from the Nine Network of Australia.


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New traffic lights now operating at Jones Road Bellbird Park

New traffic lights, replacing the temporary roundabout, commenced yesterday at the corner of Jones Road, Augusta Parkway and Lorrikeet Lane at Bellbird Park.

Traffic is still single lane each way until the works are finalised.

Jones Road and Augusta Parkway are now almost fully completed with the Keidges Road and Jones Road intersection also nearing completion.


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New traffic lights almost completed in Smiths Road Goodna

PIC: Smiths Road Goodna westbound at the corner of Albert Street.

The new traffic lights at the corner of Smiths Road and Albert Street Goodna should be operational by mid-October.

An additional set of traffic lights has been approved for the corner of Smiths Road and William Street.

Both sets of lights have been funded under the Commonwealth Blackspot Funding Program.

Thanks to the Federal Member for Oxley Bernie Ripoll for his valuable assistance in these projects.


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29 September 2009

RIVERVIEW: Pedestrian changes happening in October

Closure of the Endeavour Road pedestrian footbridge at Riverview

The Endeavour Road pedestrian footbridge over the Ipswich Motorway at Riverview will close permanently from mid October 2009.

DMR advises the closure, demolition and removal of the footbridge is essential for construction of the new Endeavour Road connection.

A comprehensive communication plan to advertise the closure will include print advertising, radio advertising, posters erected on the footbridge, Riverview Train Station and Riverview shopping centre.  

A works notification flyer will be distributed to all residents of Riverview on the 30 September 2009.


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IPSWICH FIRE UPDATE: Parks and walking trails closed

Owing to the persistent very high fire danger rating for today, 29 September 2009 the walking tracks and horse trails within the Flinders Goolman Conservation Estate and White Rock Spring Mountain Conservation Estate are remaining closed to the public.  

The day use areas (Flinders Plum Picnic Area, Hardings Paddock and Paperbark Flats Picnic Area) are open for use by the public. 

The present forecast is for the fire warning to drop from very high to high tomorrow.  

It is anticipated that the walking tracks and horse trails within these estates will therefore be opened tomorrow, 30 September 2009, if all goes according to plan with the forecast.


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28 September 2009

Armed robbery at Bellbird Park - Do you know this robber? 

PIC: 7-Eleven robber entering the store at Bellbird Park last night.

A man armed with a syringe filled with a red liquid robbed a convenience store on Redbank Plains Road at Bellbird Park last night.

Around 9.30pm, the man entered the store and approached the male attendant who was restacking magazines and demanded cash.

The employee went behind the counter and gave the offender a sum of cash before locking the doors and running to the back of the store.

After realising the doors were locked, the offender kicked at the glass doors until he created a gap to get away.

He is described as being Caucasian, around 175cm tall with a thin build and between 20 to 25-years-old.

He was wearing a grey shirt, jeans and white shoes.

He also had a white mask covering his face.

Anyone with information is asked to call Goodna Police on 3436 2977 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


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27 September 2009

Ipswich Police Operation Tutorial helps keep local schools safe

Congratulations to the Queensland Police Service for its current Operation Tutorial across the city.

Operation Tutorial involves police undertaking foot patrols through local schools at random times.

This is a much-needed initiative to reduce vandalism, graffiti and arson attacks in our schools.

The sight of a police uniform is usually enough to make these gutless wonders scram.

And 40 years ago, a boot up the bum from the local police sergeant would make sure you didn't come back.


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25 September 2009

Toowong to Everton Park tunnel is fine but what about eliminating the historic Moggill Ferry

The State Government's announcement of a planned tunnel from Toowong to Everton Park is great news for the people of the inner western suburbs.

This futuristic plan would link the Western Freeway with the Bruce Highway.

But what really needs to happen is the scrapping of the Moggill Ferry linking the Brisbane suburb of Moggill with the Ipswich suburb of Riverview.

This 1878 relic of our past originally linked the two fledgling suburbs on either side of the Brisbane River in bygone days when Cobb & Co coaches plied the route from Brisbane to Ipswich.

The Moggill Ferry is currently out of operation for its biennial servicing.

The extra 32km round trip this is causing for motorists shows how important this link is.

A bridge needs to be constructed across the Brisbane River as part of a major western ring road.

The most-sensible place would be at Gailes as a northerly extension of the Logan Motorway across the Brisbane River to Priors Pocket and then through Moggill and the north-western suburbs of Brisbane to link with the Bruce Highway.

The key advantage of a cross-river bridge at Gailes is that is would serve the people of Ipswich and Logan City as well as the western suburbs of Brisbane.

The western suburbs silver-tails might object to this new road through the rarefied atmosphere of Moggill Heights but planning for a major western Brisbane ring road is imperative with the population explosion set for southeast Queensland in the next 20 years.

The Moggill Ferry might be a quaint historic addition to the landscape of Greater Brisbane but a 131 year old vehicular cable ferry is hardly a modern means of transport between the state capital and Queensland's first provincial city.


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TRAFFIC UPDATE: Ipswich Motorway off-ramps to change at Riverview this Sunday

The Department of Main Roads advises that the Warrego and Cunningham Hwy off-ramps at Riverview from the Ipswich Motorway (westbound) will reduce temporarily to one lane from Sunday September 27.


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IPSWICH: Parks closed because of high fire danger

Owing to the very high fire danger rating, the trail network at Flinders Goolman Conservation Estate and White Rock Conservation Estate will remain closed until further notice.  

The Amenity areas will remain open as the fire hazard rating is not expected to reach extreme.  

The current closures will be revised Tuesday, 29 September 2009.


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24 September 2009

Office of Fair Trading secures $23,000 fine against unlicensed motor dealer Michael James Harradine

The Queensland Office of Fair Trading has successfully prosecuted Doolandella man Michael James Harradine for selling motor vehicles without a licence.

Mr Harradine's licence was cancelled 4 years ago.

Members of the public are being warned by the Minister for Tourism and Fair Trading Peter Lawlor about this character.

Hopefully, Harradine has learnt his well-deserved lesson the hard way.

This is the full text of today's media release by the Minister:

Minister for Tourism and Fair Trading

The Honourable Peter Lawlor


Doolandella man fined $23,000

A Doolandella man has been fined a total of $23,000 after pleading guilty to selling motor vehicles without a licence.

Michael James Harradine appeared in the Richlands Magistrates Court on the 14th September and pleaded guilty to one charge of unlicensed motor dealing and five charges of making false and misleading representations from an address at Doolandella and one charge of unlicensed motor dealing from an address in Toowoomba.

Minister for Fair Trading Peter Lawlor said the charges were a result of an investigation by Office of Fair Trading officers.

"Mr Harradine's motor dealers' licence had been cancelled in 2005," Mr Lawlor said.

"However, when OFT officers attended his home in Doolandella they found he had several vehicles at his residence for sale," he said.

"These vehicles were advertised in newspapers and on the internet as being for sale.

"In addition, Mr Harradine gave false information to the purchasers about the background of the vehicles he was selling.

"The misleading information included that the vehicles had been owned by various relatives of Mr Harradine and that he had personally worked on one of the vehicles as a mechanic.

"Mr Harradine told investigators he told fibs or stretched the truth when telling people details about the vehicles.

"OFT officers also identified that Mr Harradine was operating out of business address in Toowoomba dealing in used motorcycles.

"The Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act is in place to protect consumers against unscrupulous people who operate outside the law.

"Mr Harradine received a significant fine for these offences which is indicative of how seriously these types of offences are viewed.

"Consumers should be able to have confidence that they are working with a licensed motor dealer and that details about the vehicle they are interested in purchasing are correct."


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20 September 2009

IPSWICH: First pic of today's Silkstone State School Fire

PIC: Courtesy TVQ Channel 10


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Media Release: Call for compulsory sprinkler systems following today's Silkstone State School fire

Media Release from Ipswich City Councillor Paul Tully

Silkstone State School Fire - Call for sprinkler systems in all schools

A call has been made for all Queensland schools to be fitted with sprinkler systems in the wake of today's disastrous Silkstone State School fire.

Ipswich Councillor Paul Tully said barely a school holiday went by without a school fire somewhere in Queensland.

Cr Tully said it was only the second day of the school holidays and one of Ipswich's major state schools had been burnt to the ground.

"This is unlikely to be the last school fire in Queensland this year.

"I am calling for the compulsory introduction of sprinkler systems in all schools across the state.

"The cost of fitting sprinkler systems would be far less in the long run than the ongoing cost of rebuilding burnt schools."

Cr Tully said an arson attack at the Goodna State School could have been averted three years ago if a sprinkler system had been installed.


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16 September 2009

James Hardie declared Australia's most disgraceful company

Media Release from Ipswich City Councillor Paul Tully

- James Hardie declared Australia's most disgraceful company after revealing plans to sue Queensland Council -

James Hardie has been declared Australia's most-disgraceful company after it was revealed it is suing Ipswich City Council to recover $195,000 the company paid to a former worker who was exposed to asbestos from the company's products.

In a bizarre twist to last year's successful legal claim against the company by a former council worker for exposure to asbestos, the company is now suing to recover the money from the Ipswich Council.

The worker - Anthony Cannon - was employed by Ipswich City Council for six weeks in 1976.

James Hardie settled the action but is now attempting to recover its payout to the worker.

Ipswich City Councillor Paul Tully, a 30-year veteran of local government, has blasted James Hardie claiming it is the "most-disgraceful, penny-pinching company in Australia".

Cr Tully said the company's latest tactic of trying to shift the legal blame from themselves to individual users of their asbestos products was a "national disgrace".

"This company has destroyed workers' lives across Australia and is now trying to find a scapegoat for the numerous legal actions which it has unsuccessfully defended.

"This company has been proven to have been grossly negligent with its asbestos products and is now attempting to pass the buck.

"Why should ratepayers have to fork out their money to pay for James Hardie's negligence.

"Local government will stand up to this company and fight these absurd claims."

Cr Tully called on the new directors of James Hardie to drop its legal action in the Queensland District Court as a sign of good faith that it finally accepts its responsibility to Australia's asbestosis sufferers.


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14 September 2009

Minister Annastacia Palasczuk unveils historic plaque at Wacol

PIC: Minister the Hon Annastcia Palasczuk, Member for Inala is joined today by Cr Milton Dick and (left) Dr Noel Wallis for the official plaque unveiling to recognise Dr Stephen Simpson MD, MLC (1792 - 1869).

The Richlands, Inala and suburbs History Group Inc. was responsible for today's event commemorating Dr Simpson who, at various times between 1842 and 1859, was the Commissioner for Crown Lands at Moreton Bay, Protector of Aborigines, foundation member of the Royal Brisbane Hospital Board and the Queensland Legislative Council.

He was one of the most-respected persons in the colony.

In 1843, he moved to Woogaroo - the area now in the suburb of Wacol, part of The Park with former names of the Woogaroo Lunatic Asylum, Goodna Mental Asylum and Wolston Park.
He lived adjacent to the current site of the Wolston Park Golf Club from 1843 to 1853.

Today's ceremony included the planting of several endangered Willem Pines.

Ipswich City Councillor Paul Tully, representing the adjoining suburb of Goodna, attended today's unveiling.


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Goodna Anglican Welfare Ministries celebrates 20 years

PIC: The Goodna Anglican Welfare Ministries celebrating 20 years of welfare work Thanksgiving Service.

The service was held at St Luke's Anglican Church at Collingwood Park.

Congratulations to Rev Valerie Hoare and the team on 20 years continuous service to the local community.


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13 September 2009

Don Lowry celebrates his 70th birthday at Goodna

PIC: Don Lowry blows out the candles
for his 70th birthday.

Well-known local identity Don Lowry celebrated his 70th birthday at the Goodna and Districts Rugby League Football Club today.

Joined by his family and many friends, Don expressed his support to all who attended the gathering.

Division 2 Councillor Paul Tully presented a Certificate to Don recognising his contribution to the community and his 70th birthday.

Don grew up at Gailes and now lives at Redbank.


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12 September 2009

Goodna Rugby Union Club Juniors celebrate end of season

PICS: Goodna Rugby Union Juniors in the traditional tug-of-war followed by the trophy presentation.

The Goodna Junior Rugby Union Juniors celebrate the end of the season at Queens Park in Ipswich today.

It was a great end to the year with all players receiving a trophy for their untiring efforts.

The Club plays at the Evan Marginson Park at Woogaroo Street Goodna, opposite the Goodna RSL.


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Noodle Box opens at Augustine Heights

PIC: The new Noodle Box at Augustine Heights

Queensland's newest Noodle Box opens today at Augustine Heights.

The outlet is situated in the new commercial complex at the corner of Augusta Parkway and Mt Juillerat Drive, opposite the entrance to the Brookwater Golf Club.

It will undoubtedly prove to be a tasty and popular addition to the available cuisine in Ipswich's eastern suburbs.


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New 40kph School Zone signs erected on Augusta Parkway at Augustine Heights

PIC: New speed signs at Augustine Heights
heading towards Springfield

New 40kph school zone signs have been installed on Augusta Parkway at Augustine Heights.

Except for the section near the Centenary Highway, August Parkway is generally a 70kph road except in the area behind St Augustine's College

The 40kph zone operates on school days from 7.30am to 9.00am and 2.30pm to 4.00pm.

Local Councillor Paul Tully said the new speed limit, combined with the existing 24-hour pedestrian-activated traffic light crossing, will make the link much safer for students and other local residents walking between Brookwater and Augustine Heights.


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New Internet scam hits Australia overnight

Another bizarre internet scam has hit Australia overnight.

This one is different from the usual ripoffs in which people are offered untold riches ranging from lottery winnings to deceased estates.

This one demands payment of a non-existent debt from unsuspecting internet users, under threat of legal action.

It even lists PayPal as a means of payment to get the lawyers off your back.
The Australian Government has the legal means to stop these sorts of bogus emails entering Australia.

The government requires ISPs to have filters to stop porn and terrorism but not fraudulent emails which can have a massive financial effect on unsuspecting families.

Be warned - and warn your friends.

This is a copy of the latest scam:

From: rieth, luciano

Subject: Overdue Notice


AMOUNT: 0.00
RATE: 0.00
FEES: 0.00














PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK TO MAKE YOUR PAYMENT: bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=8140548








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10 September 2009

New Hope Official Opening today

PIC: Managing Director and CEO of New Hope Corporation Limited Robert Neale welcomes guests at the official opening of their new office at Brookwater today.

A tremendous building and great asset for Ipswich's eastern suburbs.


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07 September 2009

GOODNA: Storm is approaching Ipswich's eastern suburbs

IPSWICH: Storm approaching Ipswich western outskirts

IPSWICH: Storm Warning

THUNDERSTORM DETECTED: A Storm is within 70KM of the Ipswich CBD. Issued Mon Sep 07 17:36:57 2009

Active warnings:
- CLOSE STORM WARNING within 70 km of the Ipswich CBD!

Expanded info:
TRAC ID H-3596
BEARING 188.6 dgr
RANGE 63 km

Short info:
ID:H-3596 BNG:189 RNG:63km CAT:WK SR:2 PR:5 TR:NC

View Live Visuals -
Lightning Tracker -
Live Weather Data -
Bom Radar -

06 September 2009

Ipswich Rugby League Grand Final: Goodna player seriously injured. Game delayed 30 minutes so far. Score - Brothers 30, Goodna 10.

Ipswich Rugby League Grand Final - Goodna takes the field against Brothers.

Ipswich Reserve Grade Rugby League Grand Final in Ipswich - Brothers 36, Goodna 30. Better luck Goodna in the main game at 3.30pm.

Main Roads Minister spot on over speed warning

The Queensland Minister for Main Roads Craig Wallace has issued a timely warning over idiots driving through speed-restricted works zone.

You can see it every day and night on the Ipswich Motorway between Dinmore and Darra with lead foots flashing through roadsworks areas endangering workers lives.

It's next to impossible to catch offenders with radar guns because there is nowhere to pull them over.

Perhaps, the State Government should introduce speed cameras routinely in works zones around the state.

The hip pocket is a powerful tool in traffic enforcement and the only one which seems to work.

Graphic pictures, ministerial pleas and police warnings are routinely ignored by these speedsters.

Most people baulk at so-called revenue raising enforcement where drivers are caught a few clicks over the limit but no one should object to strenuous traffic enforcement aimed at saving road workers from death or serious injury.

This is the text of the Minister's Media Release:

Minister for Main Roads

The Honourable Craig Wallace


Slow down and obey the signs, Minister urges

Main Roads Minister Craig Wallace is urging motorists to slow down and keep calm while driving through roadworks, following continued reports of poor driver behaviour across the state.

Mr Wallace said while the department's Safety Around Roadworks campaign had been successful in raising awareness, some motorists were still putting roadworkers' lives at risk by driving aggressively and impatiently through roadwork sites.

"Since the launch of the safety campaign in 2005, there has been increased awareness in the community on safety around roadworks, however we are still hearing about poor driver behaviour resulting in casualties at roadworks," he said.

"Few worksites present as many risks as do roadworks, and drivers have to realise when they ignore reduced speed limits and drive dangerously through these sites, they are endangering the lives of the men and women who are simply trying to do their jobs.

"These workers are helping to deliver a record road construction program to benefit Queenslanders, and while I understand the frustration motorists sometimes feel as a result of roadworks, there is simply no need for drivers to take their frustrations out on workers."

Mr Wallace said statistics show that from 2005 to 2008, there were 71 reported casualties as a result of crashes where roadworks were one contributing factor.

"These statistics do not include the many incidents which are not reported or the types of road user behaviour some roadworkers experience daily.

"The Roadworker Safety Hotline, which is open to Transport and Main Roads employees, has received 82 calls this year, with reports of workers receiving verbal abuse, vehicles weaving into the worksite, and even objects being hurled at workers," he said.

"In June alone there were 12 reported incidents of dangerous driver behaviour.

"Of those, four involved drivers speeding and eight involved motorists failing to stop at either traffic lights or hand-held signage. Several involved drivers ignoring signage and entering closed off lanes, into the path of oncoming traffic.

"In one particular case, a motorist ignored a traffic controller's instructions and proceeded to drive through witches hats and barriers and entered a closed off lane, driving over an island and across southbound lanes."

Mr Wallace said it was disturbing that some of the incidents even involved professional drivers.

"Roadworkers have witnessed truck drivers and bus drivers speeding and ignoring traffic directions," he said.

"And it seems that even children think it's okay to disrespect roadworkers, with one busload of children pelting a work crew with food from a school bus window.

"People have got to get the message that this is kind of behaviour is not okay - it's disrespectful, it's foolish and it's downright dangerous."

Mr Wallace said motorists driving without due care faced fines and demerit points, and the cost of damage to their vehicles.

"The majority of drivers drive sensibly around roadworks, but a minority show either complete disregard or ignorance of the potential risks," he said.

"There is no excuse for some of the appalling driver behaviour roadworkers have to put up with, and the department is working hard to address this and get the message through to motorists.

"It's simple - slow down, drive to changed conditions and obey signage and road traffic controllers' directions."


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05 September 2009

Lloyd Bird passes away this evening

Well-known Ipswich environmentalist Lloyd Bird passed away this evening at St Andrew's Hospital in Ipswich. He was a great and honourable man.

04 September 2009

Ipswich wildlife expert Ric Nattrass passes away

PICS: Ric Nattrass
(Courtesy TVQ Channel 10)

Ipswich wildlife expert and Bellbird Park resident Ric Nattrass has passed away overnight.

Ric was a highly-regarded environmental expert with an unequalled knowledge of Queensland fauna and flora.

He gave many years of his life to the Ipswich Koala Protection Society formerly known as the Woogaroo Koala Protection Society.

In 2006, Ipswich City Council honoured him with the naming of the Ric Nattrass Environmental Park between Bertha Street Goodna and Fiona Street Bellbird Park.

Ric was a wildlife raconteur, writer, and radio presenter on the ABC and 4BC.

Above all, he was a great person with a real love of life who will be very sadly missed by his family and many friends.


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31 August 2009

Traffic lights being installed in Smiths Road Goodna

Traffic lights should be switched on in September at the corner of Smiths Road and Albert Street Goodna.

They are being installed by Ipswich City Council as part of the Federal Government's Blackspot funding program.

The new lights will make this intersection much safer for drivers and pedestrians.

Traffic lights are also planned for the corner of Smiths Road and William Street Goodna.


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29 August 2009

25 August 2009

Moreton Bay Regional Council loses bid to sack staff

Moreton Bay Regional Council lost its bid to sack council staff at the Queensland Local Government Conference meeting in Brisbane today.

Delegates from the state's councils rejected a controversial motion by Moreton Bay Mayor Allan Sutherland by 90 votes to 84.

Moreton Bay Council had sought a change to state legislation which protected workers' jobs in the wake of the forced amalgamations of councils in 2008.

Ipswich delegate Councillor Paul Tully spoke against the motion saying it was contrary to agreements made two years ago by the State Government, Councils, Unions and the LGAQ.

"This motion should be defeated because it is nothing more than an attack on the rights of council workers.

"Moreton Bay Council has already made savings of $19.2 million as a result the amalgamation but still wants the right to slash and burn workers," Cr Tully said.

Earlier in the day, the Local Government Minister Desley Boyle ruled out any change to the existing legislation sought by Moreton Bay Council.


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22 August 2009

The Bledisloe Cup tonight - Watch it at Goodna with a Hangi

The Bledisloe Cup comes to the Wild West tonight at Goodna's historic Royal Mail Hotel.

View the game and enjoy the Hangi for $12 from 7pm at one of Ipswich's oldest pubs.

This is a fundraiser for the Goodna Rugby Union and should be a great night.

Royal Mail Hotel
92 Brisbane Terrace

(Maybe Gold Coast Mayor Ron Clarke will even turn up to see what a great place it is!)


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19 August 2009

Media Release: Gold Coast Mayor slammed for calling Ipswich residents "lower-class leftovers"

The war of words between the Gold Coast and Ipswich has escalated with Gold Coast Mayor Ron Clarke attacking Ipswich's win in the International Liveable Communities Awards.

Cr Clarke told the Gold Coast Council meeting: "If Ipswich has won it, how prestigious can it be?"

He has described Ipswich residents as "lower-class leftovers" who couldn't afford to live in Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

Goodna Councillor Paul Tully, Queensland's longest-serving City Councillor, has slammed Cr Clarke saying his on-going personal denigration of Ipswich was a scandalous attack on the city's 160,000 residents.

Cr Tully has invited the Gold Coast Mayor to Goodna's historic Royal Mail hotel to explain his views to the local residents whom he describes as the "salt of the earth".

"I challenge Ron Clarke to come to Goodna any Friday afternoon and repeat his comments that we are lower-class leftovers.

"He wouldn't have the guts to turn up knowing his much-needed pugilistic skills were well-short of his former athletic ability.

"He would be tarred and feathered before he could get back to his mayoral limousine.

"The 140-year old Royal Mail hotel is where political arguments are still settled in the old fashioned way as they were in the days when the Cobb & Cobb coaches stopped at the front door.

"The mayoralty has gone to Ron Clarke's head as he condemns and criticises the residents of Queensland's oldest provincial city."

Cr Tully said the people of the Gold Coast should give Ron Clarke the Royal Order of the Boot.

"He has gone too far this time.

"Ron Clarke should stick with his toffee-nosed, chardonnay-drinking, white shoe brigade mates on the Gold Coast before he criticises another city.

"I doubt he has ever been to Ipswich but I can assure him of a civic reception he will never forget if takes up my challenge to explain himself at the Royal Mail Hotel at Goodna," Cr Tully said.

19 August 2009


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16 August 2009

International Internet scams are becoming more sophisticated!

Warning to local internet users.

Gold, Gold, Gold.

What could be more-inducing than an offer of untold golden riches.

This scam offers cheap gold dust but is nothing more than complete bull dust.

This scam looks innocent enough with no upfront demand for name, date of birth or bank account details.
But as sure as night follows day, the request for personal information will come later - with disastrous financial consequences for anyone sucked into this scam.

Be warned - trash this scam immediately.

This is a copy of the latest poorly-worded email scam:

From: keita, modibo

Subject: Gold proposal


Dear sir,

My Name Is Mr. Modibo keita A Native Of Sanso Community In Morila-Sikasso Region Of Rep. Of Mali French Speaking West African Country.

I Am a Member of the Said Community and Head of Sales, Marketing, advertising, communication and sourcing agent for our Gold Dust AU. 

Prior To The Latest Privilege Accorded Local Gold Miners In Mali Since April 2007 To Market And Sell Gold Dust Au Themselves, Thus My Offer To All Gold Dust Prospective Buyers Willing To Establish Meaningful Business Transaction That Is Viable And Durable with us.

We Are Trying to Explore the Gold Dust Au International Market Now a days.

Hence, I'm offering you a Fresh Gold Dust AU for Sale with the Following Specifications
   Commodity...................... ...........Aurum Utalium (Au)Form........................... ...............Gold Dust/nugget PowderQuantity....................... ..............120kg and As Per Availability AlwaysQuality/Purity................. ..............22+CaratFiness......................... ................92% or betterLocation....................... ............... MaliOrigin......................... .................MaliPrice per Kg................................$16, 000 USD/KG (Negotiable)  

In Future We Also Wish To Invest The Returns We Have from Gold Dust Au Sales In other Lucrative Businesses, thus, we might seek your advice if possible. 

We welcome all inquiries about details and procedures. 

Accept our Warm Regards, 733 222 01

Mr. Modibo Mali


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14 August 2009

Fake email warning as new scam hits Australia

There is a new twist in fake emails hitting Australian computers.

This time the scammers have claimed an association with Google to bolster their bogus £500,000 GBP offer to unsuspecting internet users.

The Australian Government has the power to control the inflow of these sorts of emails into Australia.

If they can legally halt serious pornography and terrorism on the internet, they should be taking action to halt these consumer scams which are financially destroying many unsuspecting Australian families.

Be warned about this latest scam. Warn your family and friends and trash this trash.

This is a copy of the latest email scam which hit Australia overnight:


Subject: Google Online Promotions

Dear e-mail user,

Your e-mail has emerged as a winner of £500,000.00 GBP (Five hundred thousand British Pounds) in our on-going Google Promotion.

Your Winning details are as follows: Computer Generated Profile Numbers (CGPN):7-22-71-00-66-12, Ticket number: 00869575733664, Serial numbers: BTD/8070447706/06, Lucky numbers: 12-12-23-35-40-41(12).

Contact Mr Graham Benfield, for more details through the contact below:

Mr Graham Benfield,



Mrs. Sherry William.


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13 August 2009

Punjab Place fight in Logan City resolved

PIC: Punjab Place, Logan City.
(Courtesy QTQ Channel 9)

It was amazing the developers of Oak Tree Retirement Village in Logan City wanted to scrap the long-standing name of their street Punjab Place and have the street re-named after their own development.

After being accused of racism, they hurriedly withdrew their application to the Logan City Council.

They should be congratulated for their quick and decisive backdown.

There was a similar situation three years ago when the onsite manager of the Oak Tree village at Brennan Street Goodna insisted on distributing flyers and boasting its location as Bellbird Park.

Despite the fact that this breached the Queensland Place Names Act and the Ipswich City Council approval for the development, the manager persisted with his stupidity.

Thankfully, he and Oak Tree soon parted ways and the problem was solved immediately.

Why Oak Tree persists in trying to change street names and suburb boundaries is baffling. They are doing the same thing in Hobart at the moment.

Surely, their developments should stand on their own merit and not the name of the street or suburb in which they are located.


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11 August 2009

Tonight's Ipswich Motorway upgrade between Goodna and Gailes cannot come soon enough

This afternoon's multiple vehicle pile up on the Ipswich Motorway at the Goodna on-ramp shows the need for tonight's new Motorway arrangements.

After midnight, the Goodna on-ramp will merge with the Logan Motorway off-ramp as a separate inbound connection.

From Brisbane, a dedicated Goodna off-ramp will improve things considerably for motorists heading to Goodna, Bellbird Park and Redbank Plains.

The new arrangements should be in place by 7am tomorrow at the latest according to the Department of Main Roads.

The Ipswich Motorway upgrade from Wacol to Goodna - including the flyover linking Old Logan Road Gailes and Brisbane Terrace Goodna - should be completed around the end of October.

It all systems go - and all good news - for the 100,000 motorists a day using the Ipswich Motorway.


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10 August 2009

Media Release: Heart patient falls asleep at wheel on busy highway after chemist wrongly dispenses sleeping tablets

Media Release from Queensland Consumer Watch
- Call for State Government crackdown on chemists after near accident on Ipswich Motorway when heart patient wrongly given sleeping tablets -

A state government investigation is underway into an incident on the Ipswich Motorway when a driver fell asleep at the wheel of his car after mistakenly being given sleeping tablets instead of heart tablets by his local chemist.

The Redbank man had been wrongly taking the sleeping tablets for 5 days before the mistake was discovered.

He pulled over at the Goodna exit during the peak hour rush after nodding off on the 100,000 vehicles a day motorway.

The driver later confronted the chemist and has lodged an official complaint with the Pharmacists Board which is investigating the incident.

Queensland Consumer Watch spokesman Paul Tully has called for a crackdown on chemists dispensing wrong prescriptions.

He said the case highlighted the need for chemists to take more care in dealing with the public.

"The average consumer wouldn't know the fancy names being used by pharmaceutical companies and could easily be confused if given the wrong medication.

"This incident could have resulted in a major tragedy on the Ipswich Motorway as a direct result of professional incompetence.

"Pharmacists are university trained professionals who should never get this sort of thing wrong.

"The State Government must act firmly over this potentially-deadly incident to ensure it never happens again," Paul Tully said.


(Personal details have been omitted by Queensland Consumer Watch.)

Copy of this email addressed to and faxed to:

Pharmacists Board of Queensland at Office of Health Practitioner Registration Board 

To whom it may concern. 

Last week I presented at my local Chemist, (name deleted), and requested Minax (Metoporol) tablets via a script supplied by Dr (name deleted).

I have been taking Minax, one tab twice a day for heart condition. The script was processed by (name deleted), the Chemist owner of the Pharmacy and on my arrival home I removed the bottle from the pharmacy packet and noticed that it was different to normal Minax.

The bottle was the same white plastic with a blue safety-lock lid and the label attached by the Chemist indicated "Metoporol" with Minax shown under but in smaller print and with the instructions to take one tablet twice a day. 

The difference that I noted was that instead of the usual bland Minax original label on the bottle, the original label on this bottle was a bright purple/red label showing 'PROZAM or PRAZAM'.

It was quite noticeable and fortunately not covered over by the Chemists add-on label described above.

I noticed the different label but thought it must have been a generic brand of Minax.  (My usual Avapro blood pressure tables have recently been supplied as Karvea, a generic alternative) and not knowing otherwise I believed that the Prozam was a generic brand of  Minax/Metoporol. And as stated,the Chemists label indicated Metoporol/minax.

I have no qualms about using or being supplied with a generic alternative. 

On the weekend I commenced to use the new bottle as the previous bottle had run out. 

I noted that the tablets in the new bottle were red/orange in colour and I again assumed they were a generic substitute and continued to take one tab morning and night. 

I did not get alarmed for the first few days but felt lethargic and as soon as I relaxed, tried to read the paper or watch TV, my eyes became heavy and I had a feeling of tiredness and nodding off. 

I went to work, Redbank to St. Lucia Mon & Tues and felt very tired and weary, especially driving home and not responding easily to my early morning alarm wake up.

On Wed. I went by train to Wickham Terrace for a periodical ENT Specialist checkup. 

I could barely stay awake on the train both ways and whilst at the Drs waiting room I kept nodding off.  

Throughout that day I felt slightly squeamish in the stomach, but only slight and it did not concern me. 

That Wed. night I fell asleep whilst watching TV, something I have never done before.  I gave thought to the way I had been feeling and believed that I may have been getting a flu/virus or whatever. 

On Thurs 6.8.09 morning I fell asleep again after the alarm and was a good hour late for work and now cannot recall my drive to work. 

Again, lethargic all day and may as well have not been at work.  By the time I got onto the Ipswich Motorway on the drive home I felt very tired and should not have driven and at present with the new work there is nowhere to stop safely.  I turned off into the Goodna egress lane and stopped and walked around the vehicle and pondered my state of well-being.

I decided to check with the Chemist if the 'generic' tablets could be the cause, if not I would see my GP as to whether I had a flue/virus/whatever. 

I got to the Chemist and spoke to (name deleted) and then retrieved the bottle which she identified as sleeping tablets and not Minax. 

She was most apologetic and stated that she did not know how she made such a mistake ALTHOUGH there is a PROMINENT difference in the original labels of Minax and Prozam/Prazam. 

I am now aghast  at the mistake and implications, especially as I had been driving. 

Luckily I deduced that I was not my normal self and sought advice.  Other people or older people could have kept using the tablets until the bottle was empty or an accident/incident occurred. 

I will now not leave a Chemist until I have thoroughly checked or queried every item. 

One puts considerable trust in professionals such as Chemists.  

I now hope that the relevant Authorities could take action to have original labels altered to show what the tablet/medicine is for in simple layman terms.   MINAX with "For heart condition" or "heart treatment" shown under MINAX  and   PROZAM   with "Sleeping tablet" or "Sedative tablet" under or next to PROZAM and etc right across the broad range of drugs/medicines/tablets. 

Not knowing where to start, I have forwarded this information to the various addresses in the hope that the recipients can help towards amending or clarifying such anomalies that could be disastrous and to ensure that Chemists take better care. 

I do not believe that proper care was taken by the Chemist when my script was dispensed. 

If necessary this letter could be shortened to:  Patient believed sleeping tablets dispensed  and labelled by a Chemist for heart condition treatment, to be a generic brand in lieu of the normal heart treatment tablet, until uncharacteristic tiredness  caused the patient to ask questions. 

A simple addition to the label  showing what the medicine is for in simple terms would reduce mistaken use. 

(Name deleted)



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