27 April 2008

Goodna trounces Laidley in Rugby League boilover

Goodna trounced Laidley 66-24 at Richardson Park Goodna this afternoon in a spectacular win over their Rugby League rivals from the other side of the Little Liverpool Range.

Cheered on by their supporters - with Bay 13 doing its usual roaring trade - Goodna scored a decisive and well-deserved win.

Back for the first time this year, Craig Wehrman played a solid game with a bit of verbal biff from the football veterans in Bay 13 - who became experts the day they retired from the game!

Colonel Keiron Butler had the ground in fine form for today's clash.

With today's performance as any guide, the Goodna Eagles stand an excellent chance of winning this year's Grand Final.

The scoreboard tells its all at Richardson Park
at Goodna for the clash between the Mightly
Eagles and the Laidley Lions who were turned
into pussy cats after 80 minutes.

Otto Simon
, a true stalwart and life member of the Goodna Rugby League Club celebrated his 70th birthday and was overwhelmed as he cut a cake in his honour, with Colonel Butler looking on after staying up all night baking the beautiful Bavarian cheesecake.

Otto Simon was presented with a special certificate by Cr Paul Tully in recognition of his birthday and his contribution to the club.

Colonel Keiron Butler stayed up all night Saturday baking a Bavarian cheesecake for Otto Simon who celebrated his 70th birthday today.

Pictures of today's clash of Goodna vs Laidley:


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